Why is T-mobile site down?

  • 7 September 2018
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What's going on with the website? No answers. No information. Just getting caught in circles. No answers. No information. Just getting caught in circles. No answers. No information. Just getting caught in circles. No answers. No information. Just getting caught in circles.


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Did you call the number at the bottom?

Every time I need to access the MyTmobile app or website, it's always down. The thing is broken way more often than it works. IT department please help!

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Our website seems to be taking a nap a bit early on a Friday. No worries though -- Engineers are already working on getting it back up.

Thanks for your patience.

I'm having a similar issue, but in regards to using the portion of the site to access my prepaid pay as you go plan in order to refill my account. My bill is due in a few days, but I was unable to access yesterday as well as today. I'll keep trying, but from the research I've done regarding T-Mobile's website, it seems you guys have this issue too frequently. I also can't even use the T-Mobile app on my iPhone because the phone itself wasn't originally purchased from T-Mobile, and when I looked that up as well as to why, your customer service simply said it wouldn't work for others like me because our phones aren't from T-Mobile or purchased from them. That in of itself is quite unprofessional and an insipid excuse for poor quality IT work. Get yourselves together, T-Mobile. Make the website work, and make the app work consistently across all devices, regardless of if they're T-Mobile bought or not. I swear, I literally just switched to you last month. Don't make me have to switch to someone else already.

Same issue here all. In addition I do not have the ability to send or receive phone calls. I can still browse the net, I can text and I can FaceTime. Just no calls. I spoke to a very polite Hannah Rose at  local T-mobile store. First thing out of her mouth was “we are experiencing technical difficulties with our network. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please be patient with us as we fix the problem.” Hey that’s good on my book. I can wait for the solution as long as its relatively short in duration. Must I remind anyone what it’s like to call ATT for help? Yeah the perpetual ”hold.”

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Amanda: When I came across this post I went to the app, and it was working for me.


Hang tight...

The page is temporarily unavailable. Our team is working to fix the problem.

You can still pay your bill with the button below.


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Hello All!

I just received an update that is back up and running. If you're still having issues logging in, please let me know. If your issue has to do with the My T-Mobile site but you're able to log in, please create a new discussion so we can keep things nice and tidy around here.

Hi Amanda. My issue has never been logging into the t-mobile app. I just can’t browse content or contact T-mobile support from the app. I also cannot place or receive phone calls. I can text and FaceTime fine.

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I can log in, I can see my plan, I can pay my bill, pay my bill, BUT the site page to view my itemized bill is still out of service. Please check it yourself before you say it is back up and working.

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Oh, dear!  So you've got much bigger issues than the website! So your voice services aren't working properly, in terms of not being able to place calls, but you can text and use data?  And your T-Mobile app does not appear to be functioning correctly?  Are you on WiFi when you are able to text and FaceTime?  If so, I can't help but wonder if the issue is indeed your cellular connection.  I say this because to have data and not have voice calls is pretty rare; it's usually the opposite!

Something important to note is that particularly on the iPhone, the T-Mobile app will not work over WiFi.  What happens when you call out, do you get an error message?  What about when someone calls you? Does it go straight to voicemail?

I made sure I was using cellular with the WiFi disabled.

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Also when attempting to call or receive calls. I can hear people but not speak to them. At times they say my connection is lousy but they can kind of hear me. At first I thought it might be a problem with my microphone. So I used FaceTime to check the mic. Face time, while on cellular, works perfectly.

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No need to be rude, @magenta1673070​. I checked my online account prior to posting, but please keep in mind that everyone's account view may be different than yours. If you're still experiencing issues viewing a specific page of My T-Mobile, please @zh3n​, this is a bit off-topic from the original post but let's see if we can get this figured out for you.  From your tests, it sounds like the mic isn't the issue but instead the network connection. Try following these steps to see if that helps: Audio on calls troubleshooting​. What concerns me is that you're not able to make/receive calls except over FaceTime. If you disable WiFi, are you able to make or receive calls/texts?

I’ve been having a similar issue. Website for doesn’t allow me to view my bill nor personal info. I can’t change my PIN either. Not being able to change my PIN means I can’t get a new phone, since the phone upgrade feature for t-mobile has also been not working. I’ve been trying to buy a phone from t-mobile, but will go with another company now, except that none of them can verify the t-mobile account due to online services being down on t-mobile‘a end. This problem has been going on now for 2 weeks. Please help. I just want the phone and my PIN to work.

It’s down now too. What is going on with Tmobile. This is happening too frequently for my comfort. Less than a month ago?? Why is the MyTmobile site down???? It says due to extrememy high demand. So what you can’t handle the volume of customers you have?? This makes no sense. i am growing very frustrated.

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I just tried a few minutes ago, and it's stiil down. Did you try the two numbers? They are 611 (Customer Service), and 1-877-778-2106. It might be for maintenance or updating the site.

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If you are still having the problem try 611 (Customer Service) or 1-877-778-2106

. I would think even visiting a corporate T-Mobile store that they would give you the info. 611 should be able to help with a PIN.

Hello, do you know if access to my-tmobile is down this eve? I attempted several times right now and it seems to login fine(username/pass), and when I choose which Phone# to visit acct it responds with: Try in a few minutes.

To be fair I can attest that this is quite the rare event. I've been a customer of TMobile for 10yrs+ and this is the first time since I've used the my-tmobile website something like this happens. I'd say it's the first time for me in about 3years. It looks like they're migrating or updating the design and interface. As an avid computer guy myself I would expect them to be fixing these issues when everybody is asleep. I guess Murphy's Law lives on.

Hello Amanda, is it still napping? Any news?

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No naps going on around here but do keep in mind that this is primarily a user-led forum. 😉

I don't see any reports of the site being down on the 17th. If this is still an issue, please Community-2153 to have a ticket filed on your behalf.

Please remove me from this email chain!

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I was wondering how that worked!