Why is T-mobile taking walkin traffic over schudled appotments (corvid) at their store locations


Who else is this happening too?   My state still has Corvid-19 Restrictions in place. ( NM)

Dear T-mobile Why are you telling people to make appointments when your store personal obviously are not honoring appointments  in anyway whatsoever. My time is also important  ( Military ) 

Today I made two appointment at two T-mobile stores. I arrived at the time of the appointment. yet I waited 40 or so minutes. I told the rep why I was leaving , then I was told they was a few  walk-in before I arrived .   Next Store:  I made an appointment in my  car (t-mobile  parking lot) for another store the same day.  I arrived and  waited outside the door with another person that got there a few minutes before me. Rep comes open the door I told him I had appointment, takes out his i- pad confirms it.  He then asks the other guy about his appointment. he had none. but Rep took him first anyway.  Rep told to wait  outside stating it could be an hour or two.   

This is  big problem for people who are in the military , police etc.. I asked others other base personal and they also said the same thing about t-mobile.  

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