Why is there a charge to change payments?

My credit card information was used to attempt an unauthorized purchase, so I had to cancel it and have it replaced. My T-mobile bill along with other bills had been on autopay. I was able to have my information changed for billing from the other companies with no charges, but T-Mobile would not allow me to change my card without going through a process that has cost me an extra $15.00 payment at this point. I had my new card information way before the end of the billing period and do not understand the purpose of the charge. My only loss of having my credit information stolen has come from T-mobile.

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I keep all of my bills on auto oay as well.  My card expires in June of this year.  I sure hope there isn't a $15 dollar fee to update that.  Have you asked Customer Care to waive that fee for you?  It does sound like a ridiculous fee.

It was customer service that determined my payment choice. You would be wise to ask before using the website to attempt a change. That was one of the reasons had switched to T-mobile from my prior carrier because of problems with administering my account online.

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I usually do everything through the automated phone system.  I find it much more simplistic, easier to find the information I am looking for, and more straight forward for accomplishing anything.

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I have changed my card several times in the past without a fee.

Of course, I wound up changing my card after my automatic payment date when it was declined.  And, I've done this online.  I can't recall if I ever tried to just willy-nilly change my card.  I'm usually too lazy to do that.

I guess my question is, "Is it a fee or is it a partial charge that is applied to your amount due?"  This is reaching out there, but they may need to charge your card something in order to charge it (yes, that concept is extremely stupid, even in my opinion, but I've seen it in practice a couple times).

If I were you, I'd contact T-Force on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook).  They have the ability to look into your account, see what happened, and whether this was a fee or a partial charge.  If it's a fee, they may waive it if you're nice enough and inquire of ways to avoid the fee in the future.

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I've been charged a small fee (hold) to make sure the card is legit by a few other businesses

but it was always credited back. Maybe this is what Tmobile does also.

Thanks for spending the time to reply. I will attempt to describe what took place. Called to have card changed because of the problem with the former card. Was told that in order to make the change I would have to be taken off of auto pay and there would be two separate charges for the next period that would total up to my bill. Then after a certain date I would need to reapply for auto pay. All this took place. I recently viewed my current billing and it was $15.00 higher then my previous bill without a specific stated reason. I have three lines on my account so I assume that I am being charged a fee for not being on auto pay. I do not know why I would have to go through that process. I posted this here because I believed that it was monitored by t-mobile customer service. As far as using the social media apps to communicated, I believe them to be untrustworthy for a variety of reasons and refrain from using them. I hope that I do not face the situation again, but as you are aware it's common to have credit card issues.

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T-Mobile employees do monitor the forums here, but, they do not have access to your account.  They will tell you that you need to contact the T-Force team via Social Media.

Your story sounds like your assumption is correct (though, T-Mobile's wording is it's not a fee for not being on autopay, rather, it's a credit for being on autopay).

If you lost your credit due to T-Mobile's negligence to tell you how it would work, I would agree that you should get that credit back for the month you were taken off.  But, my opinion accounts for nothing, as I am not a T-Mobile employee.

My opinion for how to handle credit card issues like this in the future would be to log into your online account and change your card that way.  It DOES have a quirk that it uses your old card for an extra month for some reason, but, as long as you log in and pay on the date your old card payment is declined, there's no fees.  I know this from experience.

Thanks again for your opinion on this.

My credit card company did inform me that the billing could go through a couple of cycles on my old card, however, I was attempting to be proactive and not have any conflicts on billing.

I did use the online account to make the change and was alerted to the fact auto pay was being cancelled. That is when I called to clarify why and was placed on the payment schedule and was told to reapply for auto pay after a certain date. I was not aware I would lose the credit (or pay a fee).

I will wait to see if this is a recurring event.

I am still confused as to why T-Mobile chooses to have this type of policy. I have not experienced this with other businesses.

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Usually when you have a credit card tied to auto payment...  on expiring cards.... your new expiration date often gets updated automatically, unless your credit card number changes...