Why isn’t my Prepaid plan showing my Autopay payment method?

  • 4 December 2021
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I’ve been a Prepaid customer since the Summer of 2013 when I left another carrier for T-mobile after I bought my first Smartphone off HSN. Today I got a text to check out the new design or website, whatever. I logged into my account and saw that I was not enrolled in Autopay anymore. I just had an auto payment on my CC yesterday. I never had any issues before today.

There was a message that I had to “refill” my account or my services would be terminated on 12/26/2021.

I have no idea what the problem is on T-Mobile’s end. I tried to re-add my payment method and it “seemed” to take but when I checked my profile and billing, nothing is there. I entered my info TWICE today a few hours apart and it doesn’t store! I don’t understand the “Refill” suggestion as I always had a card on file…heck, they just charged it! I’m really ticked off right now that my payment method seems to have disappeared and there’s some glitch where it won’t allow me to add it back. And no, there’s nothing wrong on my end.


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