Will a T-Mobile locked phone work with Metro?

  • 23 January 2021
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I currently have service with Metro. If i were to pre order the new Samsung Galaxy S21 through T-Mobile will I be able to take it to my nearest metro and activate it with them?

1 reply

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It is really hit and miss.  Some Metro phones that are locked to Metro can use a T-Mobile SIM without any issues.  The same goes for some devices sold by T-Mobile.  If it doesn’t, then you are going to have some issues meeting the requirements to get the device unlocked if you don’t have a T-Mobile account and use the device on the T-Mobile network for at least a few days, depending on how nice the rep you get to unlock it is.  Personally, if you are going to pay full price for a Samsung device, I would suggest buying the U1 model direct from Samsung.  It will come unlocked and remain unlocked regardless of what carrier SIM you put in it.  Pretty much every feature works out of the box, including WiFi Calling and VoLTE.  The only thing that is somewhat missing, is the carrier aggregation, which usually doesn’t make much of a difference if you are in an area with great service.