With a grandfathered simple choice program, How many max lines i can have

  • 1 May 2019
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Currently i have 10 lines with grandfathered simple choice program, can i add a voice line to my account? also would like to know how many maximum number of voice lines my account can have.

If i add a voice line that will be 11th line and i hope for the new voice line the charges will be 10$ and would get all the benefits of internal call etc...


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6 replies

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Great question. I'm seeing this one had the option for 12 lines but you'll need to get in touch with our care folks so they can work with you on your account.

when i called customer care they said only 10 lines please confirm so that i can add

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I have the grandfathered Simple Choice Promo Plan.... I currently have 5 Voice lines.... when I go to my account online and click on (add more lines) I see I have the option to add 7 more voice lines.

so i am able to obtain a maximum of 12 voice lines.

I have heard T-Mobile Representatives say that the maximum number of lines is also based on your credit. I will recommend to contact T-Mobile’s Tech Support Team “T-Force”  via Twitter or Facebook and ask them what your line maximum is. If you do qualify to add another line or two, they can add it for you instantly.

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If you go to your online account like in the picture above, do you have the option to add the line yourself? I"m wondering if the grandfathered plan won't allow you to add additional like without having you change your plan.

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I went online to see if I could add a line... it looks as if I could.

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I appreciate you posting the screenshot. That's super helpful!