Wonderful employee with excellent customer skills!!

  • 8 September 2020
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I am ashamed to say that today I went in to the T-Mobile store 7073 in Chesapeake, Va to return a phone I purchased the day before.  I was so rude to the young man because I had to pay a $40 restocking fee not realizing it was being taken out of yesterday’s purchase amount.  He was so professional and kind not once reacting to the shameful attitude I was giving him.  He really handled the situation beautifully; his service and attitude were supreme!  Store no. 7073/sales rep ending in 342.  You have a great sales rep there!  Thank you.

2 replies

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@Cysigh I’m really happy that the sales rep was so helpful and kind to you. We always wanna take care of our customers so thanks for giving our sales rep a shout out here! :smiley:

Lisa a customer service representative with the Charleston South Carolina branch was a miracle, she helped me with my bill problem with above and beyond knowledge and skill on how to help us in a generous, kind, respectful persona, I hope she is acknowledged and rewarded for helping us and other customers who are fortunate to have Lisa take care of them.