Worst customer services experience

  • 29 June 2022
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Seems like T-Mobile customer service is getting worst day by day.

Very hard to explain and get what is needed, sometimes I had to give up and hang up without even getting solution or answer.

Their website and application is second worst thing about T-Mobile. I spent 1 hour trying to do upgrade for 3 phones but could not do it. HATED the experience on app and website.


The only good thing is the centers they have, people over there seem to handle the problems, but then you have to pay for almost every service.


T-Mobile is good, only if you buy you devices outside, dont upgrade via them. Never call customer service, and just use their service to auto pay, so you dont have to deal with anything from their side.


1 reply

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I just upgraded through Best Buy and it was one of the best upgrade experience I had. Got the phone I wanted for $150 less than what TMobile was offering and Best Buy is an authorized reseller for TMobile so I was able to buy the phone on EIP with no additional charges or fees.

Best part was in and out within 30 minutes and no hard sell or trying me to change plans or add a line .