Would like to hear comments from people who have used either the international "Global Pass" or "Data Pass"

  • 16 August 2019
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These are similar products, but seem to have slight differences.

Here is what I got, from CS:


From TM CS:


Hi Mike,

Thank you for reaching out to T-Mobile Care. I would be more than happy to go over the feature details that are included with the data pass recently added. Below I have listed the features that come included with an international data pass and global plus feature. Please advise which feature best fit your request, we’d be more than happy to make the change.

International Roaming Data Pass-$50- 15GB(International data roaming global passes provide an international high-speed data connection and unlimited voice calling for countries listed in the Simple Global Country List. Available in 512MB, 5GB, and 15GB allotments):

High-speed data while roaming outside North America* (choose data allotment below)

Unlimited $0 calling from Simple Global to Simple Global countries (including the U.S. and Puerto Rico)

Includes Smartphone Mobile Hotspot access up to data pass allotment.


Global Plus 15 GB feature-$50 (provides extra travelling benefits on top of what you're already getting when you have a Magenta or T-Mobile ONE plan).

15GB high-speed data while roaming in Simple Global countries

5GB high-speed, international tethering in Simple Global countries

5GB high-speed data while roaming in Canada and Mexico

Unlimited texting and calling at $0.00 per minute in and between 210+ countries and destinations

Stateside International Talk and Text

Unlimited 4G LTE Smartphone Mobile Hotspot in the U.S.

Unlimited HD video streaming (must be activated via T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile) domestic and abroad in 210+ countries and destinations

Gogo in-flight all flight long (unlimited flights/sessions) Gogo-enabled domestic flights

Name ID & Voicemail to Text

If you have any further questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Unless I am missing something, "Global Pass" doesn't offer intl. tethering like "Data Pass" when overseas.   Global seems offer international calling from the US.   We use Google voice for that. Both offer, it appears, international calling for free when overseas.



Would like to receive comments from people who will actually use one of these services.  

2 replies

The choices I have are :

  • International 1 day pass @ $5.00 (512MB for 1 day)
  • 5GB Internation Pass @ $35.00 (5GB for 10 days)
  • 15GB Internation Pass @ $50.00 (15GB for 30 days)

All including unlimited calls during that period and hotspot feature.

I have T-Mobile ONE plan. (With the One PLUS option, so, data at 256kb/s instead of 128kb/s)

I am going to travel soon, and I will subscribe to the 15GB. Iàll be in asia for 15+ days.

If you are getting data abroad, VoIP (What's App, FaceTime, Google Hangouts (not Voice), etc...) will work just fine.

I have been doing that from Singapore without issues (voice only, no video).

Unfortunately, opening a website takes forever, as downloading maps, etc...

So, check what usage you really need, and see if you can wait WiFi or not for specific usage on internet.

Google Maps allows you to download offline maps, which could b very useful depending where you go.

Google Hangouts, it's Google Voice through internet instead of using your carrier, and it's doing the job very well.

If really need an urgent call, and canàt wait to be on WiFI-Calling, then itàs $0.25/min. Not that horrible.

Again, all depend the usage you need from your cell phone while travelling.

There is a price difference, even though they’re both listed at $50.00. International Data 15GB is $53.96 after fees and taxes, whereas Global Plus 15GB is $50.00 including taxes and fees. ?!? Baffling. Unsure why T-Mobile doesn’t stick to the elimination of all additional fees and taxes on its T-Mobile One unlimited data plans. It seems that customers are again faced with ‘nickel and dime’ billing charges that made me (and others?) run away from their competitors.