Wrong device trade-in credit


I traded in a Samsung S9 for the S21 Ultra 5G. Warehouse mis-identified the S9 as a S6. So instead of a $30 credit, I’m getting a $8 instead. I’ve spoken to 4 different CS reps, each time was told the issue will be escalated to trade-in (or another) dept. Only got 2 follow up calls and without any resolution.

The IMEI # label that was placed on the phone at the warehouse is a Samsung S9 when checked on T-Mobile’s IMEI checker (see attached photo). 

IMEI photo from warehouse

Last CS I spoke to said the warehouse was contacted and the warehouse’s response was they had input a different IMEI # than what I was providing. However, the IMEI # I gave is the one from the photo the warehouse took. CS realized that even though the warehouse claimed a different IMEI, it was the same # that’s noted on my account. Other CS’s from earlier calls also found the IMEI # the warehouse provided is a match for a Samsung S9.

Another photo from the warehouse shows the software used to identifying the phone model. While it’s a photo showing a model S6 on screen, there’s no IMEI # or any other identifying information on the screen showing/proving the phone is a S6. 

One CS had stated the (low-res) photo of the phone from the warehouse appeared to be a S6, although it clearly has features of a S9. See attached photo from the warehouse and the S9 and S6 photos from wikipedia. 

warehouse photo

 Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S6



As of May 4th, it has been 3 billing cycles since I got the S21. I had called before the 1st billing cycle and the CS did a manual credit adjustment for the $30 credit and assured me that the issue would be fixed. The adjustment was not permanent. Three more calls to T-Mobile and two billing cycles later, my bill still has incorrect billing ($8 credit instead of $30 credit) and the issue has not been resolved by the escalating department.

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