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  • 17 September 2019
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When I log into My T-Mobile (from various desktop browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or Safari), it never remembers my device.

  • The home page says I have an "Unknown Device"
  • The Phone tab says I have an iPhone 6s, which is incorrect.
  • When I click "Not your device?" link and select the correct iPhone model/color/capacity, I see a "Confirm" popup ("Are you sure you want to update the phone for [my name] to [my model]?").
  • I click "YES" and briefly see a pink spinner, but the update doesn't take effect! 😮

This is not a super serious problem, and I'm admittedly a bit OCD, but it just bugs me that the website (phone thumbnail graphic) is still wrong every time I log in.😕

The funny thing is that my wife's device (secondary line on the same account) displays just fine. And she's had the same model as me.


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Hey, @magenta9998592​!

This has happened to me a few times since I've had T-Mobile service (5+ years). It does drive me a little nuts because I usually attempt to change it 4 or 5 times before I get fed up with it and give up for the time being. With that said, I do see that our engineers are aware of this happening, but don't have an estimated time of when it'll be updated.

Great, thanks @tmo_amanda! It's good to know I'm not the only one, and engineers are aware of the issue. It's not a biggie, but hopefully someday it can be addressed.

Hope I might be able to provide some info to aid in finding a solution, it happened to me after a very specific moment. Once my device crossed over exactly 40 days on the network for unlock eligibility, my account started showing 'Unknown Device' and I am unable to find the 'Unlock Device' action. Ever since purchase and up until the 40 day mark, it was displaying correctly.

A similar thing is happening to me. Although it actually lists a device. It lists me as having an iphone X Silver 64 GB when I actually have an iphone 6 Silver 64 GB. Looks like a simple dictionary or sql table is screwed up (likely with the names clashing and the newest name getting chosen).

This has been going on for years, not since September 2019.  Web developers are ignoring it, and I'm trying to get a T-Mobile rep to escalate it.  Probably won't happen, since they are far removed from web developers.  They're ignoring browser technology in lieu of people using apps.  Got the reps using the word apps for computer programs.  Yikes!  Not everybody is on Windows 10, which is trying to change computer technical words to phone technical words.  Lazy so-and-so's.  I also told this to an executive of T-Mobile, who is also dancing around getting development to take something, so simple to fix, seriously.

Anyway, T-Mobile is just lagging behind doing anything about databases.  Maybe they don't even have people on the team that are efficient with database technology anymore.  The second iPhone 6s Plus I had is when this problem showed up (2017).  I've been complaining to various reps about it, and nothing changes.  Others issues with browsers as well.  Firefox won't even open for Windows 7.  I think they plan on leaving it that way, then blaming Microsoft for dropping support for anything but Windows 10.  I smell it coming!  Hahaha

When is this simple problem gonna get fix.

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This is now March 26th 2020. I have been on hold for over an hour when I got a rep they hung up and didn't call back. *first frustration*

Second frustration. this has been an ongoing issue since the beginning of last year. All devices that have been "purchased" Through T-mobile directly are correct. Any BYOD is not showing correctly... I Demand that T-moble fix this issue immediately this annoying feature only takes a few codes to fix. If you don't want to fix it on the website then enable the feature in the app. Otherwise I demand a credit for this annoyance for every month this feature is not resolved. DO NOT DELAY THIS ANY LONGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It’s extremely frustrating, I have major OCD and when I log into my account it drives me crazy that it shows a different device compared to what I really have. I know this doesn't impact my services but a mobile carrier should have it right. One thing I think I came to the conclusion and the engineers might need to fix this, is if you purchase an iPhone from Apple “Sim Free” it’ll show a different type of iPhone. I used to have a “sim free” iPhone 11 Pro 256GB Space gray and online it would show that phone but say I have it the midnight green 64GB. I upgraded recently to the Max and it's doing the same thing! I get my phones from apple because with trade-in, and my friend who works for apple gets me a 15% discount it just makes sense for me to do it this way. 


Just extremely frustrating that the engineers at T-Mobile can’t get it together to get this problem fixed. We used to have the option to select the device and save it, can we bring that back????



Still an issue November 2020. :-/. I’ve spoken to 3 reps, in the past 2 weeks, who have all promised that “their” solution of entering correct IMEI’s, etc will fix it & for me to wait 24-48 hours for it to update. Nope!  Last one told me that 3 days ago!  Still wrong!  Strike 3 XXX!!!!  Tmobile, if you can’t even get it together for this very minor, yet annoying problem, how are we supposed to trust you’ll be able to handle larger issues?!? #Disappointing!

My OnePlus 8T 5G (Unlocked version) says Phone-first Unknown Device but has the IMEI # listed  had a rep say it would take 48-72 hours to update because she added the IMEI to my account nothing has changed 72 hours was at 3ish Pm which was 7-8 hours ago 

Like so many “little” issues/problems, this never seems to get fixed. Same happened to me several years  ago  and somehow I managed to get the correct model of my phone listed. Now site is again showing incorrect model. It is a little thing. Its sort of when I fly and the seat is broken or all the features do not work. If the little things are not being looked after I have to wonder about the big important things. Details matter. But apparently not to t-mobile “engineers.” 

March 2021 still the same nothing done, t-mobile only cares about customers paying bills not fixing issues and keeping promises. and if you don't pay they don't have an issue cutting your services off no hesitation 

I have the same issue. Got new phones. Swapped SIM’s. Phones work fine. But in account show up as unknown. The IEMI numbers are correct. I talked to a representative and was told it would be taken care of. She said to wait a couple hours for it to take affect. It’s been 3 days and hasn’t taken affect.  As long as it doesn’t affect the phone operation I don’t suppose it’s any big deal.

I know this thread is old but I think I figured out why this is happening. I bought a new unlocked Samsung Galaxy A52 5G at Best Buy and am having the same issue. After some digging around I found that the reason for this is most likely because the software version of android on factory unlocked units is slightly different than the T-Mobile carrier branded version that is updated by T-Mobile instead of Samsung directly.



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its because it wasnt sold by TMO..if it was brought in as a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) it wont show any info on it because the phones info is not in their system...if it was purchased from TMO then it’ll show the info

Still a thing (8/6/2021).  My Pixel 3a over a year ago was picked up just fine, even though it was an unlocked BYOD.  My spouse’s Galaxy A52 5G isn’t registering at all, merely as phone first.  What’s fun though is that if I take the SAME IMEI from Tmo’s website that they know about, and I put it into their own IMEI checker that you can use prior to using the device, that checker knows exactly what the device is.  The database may be having issues checking itself from one of these pages.

STILL persists as of 0i/07/21.

Until about 2-3 years ago, we were able to edit and modify/correct the phone ourselves through a link, but they apparently took that link away and we no longer can fix it ourselves.  :(  Wonderful step backward Tmobile.

It is March 2022. Problem still exists. My new blue iPhone 13 shows up as pink with the correct IMEI. But when I “Check device unlock status” it says “Status unknown” - “This device is not on our system.”

Yup, 2022 now and it is still a problem.

Alas, its April 2022, and my new iPhone 13 pro max shows up as Green with correct IMEI, and unlock status same ol STATUS UNKOWN, the device is not on our system. It did show correct Silver color for first day after upgrade Lol 

Happened to me as well. Wrong phone description for line. It didn’t bother me until I chose to do an upgrade to a new phone and used the old phone with the wrong description as a trade in. When it was received by the trade-in partner they stated that what they received didn’t match the trade-in description and they docked $40 in trade-in value.

If you’re phone description is incorrect beware if you use it as a trade it in. They may not even accept it depending on the error in description.



Still happening. Don't file a claim on your device if it's showing as the floor model and u have the better model. They will only send u back that one. The entire problem is fraudulent and it's on tmobile

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Still happening. Don't file a claim on your device if it's showing as the floor model and u have the better model. They will only send u back that one. The entire problem is fraudulent and it's on tmobile

willing to bet that if you check the phones info you’ll see that theyre in fact the same phone...the problem is the phone sent to you was never in TMOs the info added to it would be the basic info until the owner (you) contact TMO and have the correct info edited in..THEN you can get it unlocked.