• 1 November 2021
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WTF is going on with T-Mobile?? I NEVER received notice that it was time to pay my bill/payment was due...I literally heard NOTHING from them...then today my account was suspended bc they said my payment was overdue...MY PAYMENT WOULDN'T BE OVERDUE HAD I RECEIVED NOTICE THAT IT WAS TIME TO RENEW. I WOULD HAVE PAID ON TIME IF I KNEW IT WAS TIME. And then, not a huge deal but still annoying, none of my information was saved in my account, it was literally all gone. The default country was set to Argentina. What the hell is going on? I don't think Ive ever had this problem before, but I will tell you- if this happens again I am done with T-Mobile. This is absolute BS. 

4 replies

I am on prepaid, and their SMS notifications about data usage and upcoming charges are useful but definitely erratic. I’d set a recurring reminder on your phone and not depend on any reminders from T-Mobile. Maybe you can get a CSR rep that’ll give you a one time late fee forgiveness (or if not, hang up call again and try a few times, since CSR policies are not always consistent, rep to rep).

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I would suggest setting up your account for autopay.  I always received a text back when I had prepaid, stating my payment would process two days before it was due and the payment was taken automatically.  

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I’ve had the exact same problem for THREE MONTHS text notifications that my payment is due!!! I even called about it and the tech rep said she’d make sure it was fixed, but again today my account was suspended!!! I’m going to call one more time, but if they don’t fix it this time, I’ll start to investigate other companies!

Exactly!!!  I had to switch from Sprint and when i was in the store, the guy confirmed TWICE that my due date would stay the same as it was with Sprint.  Then about a week or so later, i just happened to log into T Mobile only to find out that they had a totally different due date and they were going to charge my credit card which I NEVER gave them permission to do.  I called customer service because their horrible website gives you no opportunity to change the due date.  I was assured again that they would correct the due date yet when i checked the site yesterday, sure enough it was still not fixed.