You are not eligible for any other rate plans at this time. Amp up your plan with add-ons

  • 10 February 2022
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What does this mean?  That the website is useless and should just upgrade at Best Buy?

5 replies

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Try reaching out to the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter to see what your options are.  


I do not have facebook or twitter.  I have a t-mobile account website which should be enough.  

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since the site is primarily peer to peer the site is NOT enough..if it were syaoran wouldnt have said to contact them through either Facebook or Twitter..


there are a handful of admins/moderators in here as well but they have zero account access.

In my case, it meant my plan is so old it is grandfathered in and cannot be upgraded. 

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In my case, it meant my plan is so old it is grandfathered in and cannot be upgraded. 

Same for me and was confirmed by a call I had with a TMO rep. I would advise anyone in the same situation to call and go over feature by feature comparison to what your “old” plan has versus the one you are interested in “upgrading”. So far every time I called, my old plan was automatically upgraded to the equivalent latest add-on offered in new plans. For example, when I started my old plan, there was no Netflix. Here I am many years later and not only do I have Netflix, I have the premium version. I also recently found out that the new high speed international data was automatically upgraded on my old plan. The only thing my old plan doesn’t have versus Magenta Max is better limits on 5G data per month and high speed hotspot. I have never gotten close to my current high speed data limit on either so made no sense to change.

Alternatively, I have a feature that is no longer offered on new plans - Kickback feature where if any of my lines use less than 2 GB in a month, I get $10 back for that month.