Your phone isn't eligible to unlock, Reason code: 116, 117, 137 (solution)

  • 5 June 2022
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Hi guys, I had similar issue and wasted calling to T mobile customer service for one year. Then I contacted through Twitter “T mobile Help” account and directly sent message them with details IMEI number and verified my current T mobile account. then they told me that my device is not in the T obile database and the t mobile device unlock team contacted to Samsung to gain their permission to whitelist this phone. Once samsung approved, t mobile unlock team added the device Tac Code into their device inventory system and enter the IMEI number into the unlock database. Finally it is unlocked. Thanks to Twitter “T mobile Help” account. 

1 reply

I am dealing with this right now, but Samsung swears they are not able to unlock phones and cannot supply Tmobile with anything to unlock a phone. TMobile shows my phone as unlocked, but my phone says it is locked and cannot be used with another provider’s SIM. Samsung is the ABSOLUTE WORST customer support that I have ever experienced. I have a $1300.00 phone that is USELESS unless I keep it with Tmobile.