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I've installed Zenkey on my Oneplus 7Pro.  But I get an authentication error saying it won't work with my SIM card.  How do I get it to work?  TMobile says it supports Zenkey, but I can't find anything about it on the website.


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Thanks to the help of @mike.engan we were able to track down some answers and get this handled. I do want to verify that he's a T-Mobile employee -- we just didn't have him badged as one. If you run into the same issue, you'll need to go to  to set a new user pin.

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I turned off Wifi and restarted phone. I am now being asked for Zenkey PIN that I have not been prompted to set. TMoblie pin doesn't work.

Same here, it doesn't allow setting pin, so there is no way to get into the app. Hoping someone can answer this. I also emailed through Google play store.


I tweeted at @myzenkey and this was their answer:

"ZenKey is still in first public beta status and is not yet compatible for all devices. We also received your email message and will be in touch as soon as we have an update for you. We appreciate your excitement and patience!"

For the life of me, I don't understand why they're promoting Zenkey as ready for use and listing all the cell phone providers participating, when the providers themselves aren't providing access to the app or permitting it to be functional.

You might want to tweet at them as well to let them know how confusing their promotional media is.

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Thanks for the update from ZenKey, @richards1052​. I don't have any other info available here on my end about ZenKey at this time.


A further update from a T-Mobile engineering team leader:

...Talked with my lead Android Dev and he has a defect listed for the Android oneplus 7 libraries. we are going to work with oneplus team to determine how to fix.

Apparently, OnePlus knows so little about ZenKey that when I asked about this issue they pointed me back to T-Mobile and said they couldn't help.  But at least the T-Mobile engineering team is aware of the issue.  Hopefully, between the two teams, they can work this out.

I am on Note 10 plus, so it doesn't work on any phone. Never heard back from my email to them, except for a form response that they would get back to me.


If you can figure out how to DM me or send me a private msg, I'll send you the Twitter acct info for the T Mobile engineering team leader.  Maybe he can help.  Also, did you try to tweet to Samsung Support?  Often Twitter gets through to companies better than other forms of contact.

It looks like Zenkey is really in beta mode and hasn't worked out a lot of kinks with its provider partners and device manufacturers.  They're selling this thing like crazy in the media, but there are far too many issues unresolved for them to be doing that imo.  That being said, it promises to be a great product once these things are ironed out.

Prior to contacting them through email, spent a 1/2 hour on the phone with TMobile, who couldn't figure it out. Will look to see if I can PM you. Thanks

Not finding a way to PM on this site?


Can you go to my website & send me a message via the Contact feature?

Good afternoon @catman720, I am happy to help you with your Pin issue within the Zenkey application,

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Thank you, emailing now.

Sorry, when I try to send the email, removing the space it isn't sending, also, did find you at Twitter, but says you can't be messaged?

sorry had to follow you on twitter for the Private message to go through.   for email you need to make sure you include the "1" after my name, and the "-" in 

Thanks, looks like the email went.

Good afternoon, i have not seen your email. can you try again . thanks.

Just sent again.

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Be careful what info you send.

In all the time I've been on the board I've never seen a Tmobile rep post

their e-mail address publicly plus they are suppose to have a badge at the bottom

of their post stating they are a Tmobile employee.

catman720 wrote:

Just sent again.


He has a legitimate TMobile email. Plus he contacted me after i tweeted privately to TMobile's Twitter account. Hes working specifically on implementation of zenkey. So he could be an employee or consultant.

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It's still not allowed to reach out to customers on this forum without the Tmobile designation.

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Just to add on.

T-Mobile Support Community Usage Guidelines

T-Mobile Employees

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As described above, specifically identified Community Managers, may, in limited circumstances, assist a customer with an account related inquiry or service issue via a separate Private Message (PM) outside the Community. If any other user, including T-Mobile employees, attempt to gather any personal information from you or to contact you via PM, please contact a Community Manager to report the activity.


I was the one who pointed out to him in our private Twitter discussion that two other Tmobile customers were having trouble with zenkey and he was gracious enough to take up my suggestion to reach out to them here. So blame me, not him. He's trying to solve customers' problems and you're quoting company rules. There are many companies who offer no customer service. I for one am pleased this employee went above and beyond to help these two customers. I could care less abouf corporate rules.

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The user account is 8 years old and has never been used until today which raises a red flag.

In these days with accounts getting hacked and misrepresention on the internet it's better to be safe  than sorry but I'm happy that you're glad

they went above and beyond that could get them reprimanded or even lose their job.


I strongly doubt that he will lose his job. Nor should he.  Why would T Mobile fire an engineer for reaching out to 2 customers having technical problems?

You're the only one here suggesting he might or should be in danger of that happening. And that's frankly sad.

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I'm just pointing out to the other user who gave out their info to be careful because Tmobile employees

have rules to follow posting on the forum.

It's sort of ironic that basically Zenkey a platform for a secure authentication to sign into apps  had a Tmobile rep

not go the correct steps of signing into a Tmobile forum to verify they are who they are.