2018 Android Smartphone Hacked. Cannot receive calls outside of my house but can use internet

  • 21 April 2021
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2018 Android Smartphone (first bought in May/June 2019) Hacked. Cannot receive calls inside of my house, but I can receive calls outside of my house but I can use internet / wifi, so I can logically deduce my phone was hacked by either someone in my family or my neighbors or one of the google play approved apps. This makes it difficult to even call 611/tmobile support line. Should I get a new phone or cancel my service, my mom is paying money for my cell phone plan and the money is being wasted and its currently coronavirus, should I report to police or FBI online about my suspicions, I live in Seattle WA. I think the reason why I was being hacked is because someone who is left handed is still angry at me for not buying them a Nintento 64 for 15 years.


Is there an email or text number or fax number I can use because apparently that is working without me having to go outside of my house (due to coronavirus).

2 replies

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It sounds like the WiFi Calling ports are blocked on your router. Try turning off WiFi Calling and see if that helps.

p.s. I don’t think anyone hacked your phone. I think it’s something with your ISP.


It seems as if your phone can’t access the TMobile towers.

Check your settings to assure that your “mobile” network is enabled.

I have always been told that if you are “sim jacked” your phone will stop working, but nobody was really specific about whether WiFi calling would also stop working.  Just in case, call TMobile and assure that your SIM hasn’t been moved to a different phone controlled by a bad guy. 

Install one of those apps like Network Cell Info that will tell you what tower you are connected to and see if you have a connection.


OK, Let’s roll...and, Hey!...Let’s be careful out there.