8T+5G on a Samsung DEX dock?

  • 25 October 2020
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Just got my 8T+5G and I have a few questions:

  1. I want to use my Samsung DEX dock to charge my phone. I know that the 8T+5G charges using a standard USB charger.
    • If I connected the Warp Charger to the DEX, will it damage the DEX?
    • Will it “Warp Charge” the 8T+5G while in the DEX dock?
  2. Can I use the HDMI and other connections on the DEX? I read on-line that the OnePlus 8T+5G does not have video out. Is that true (I don’t need it but as I have a DEX, why not ask?) 

As the 8T+5G doesn’t have wireless charging, I am looking for a dock and I have this unused DEX. I know that I can charge my phone in the DEX using the Samsung USB Fast charger (normal charge mode), but I was wondering if I could use the Warp Charger … and the other DEX ports :-) 


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