8T+5G on a Samsung DEX dock?

  • 25 October 2020
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Just got my 8T+5G and I have a few questions:

  1. I want to use my Samsung DEX dock to charge my phone. I know that the 8T+5G charges using a standard USB charger.
    • If I connected the Warp Charger to the DEX, will it damage the DEX?
    • Will it “Warp Charge” the 8T+5G while in the DEX dock?
  2. Can I use the HDMI and other connections on the DEX? I read on-line that the OnePlus 8T+5G does not have video out. Is that true (I don’t need it but as I have a DEX, why not ask?) 

As the 8T+5G doesn’t have wireless charging, I am looking for a dock and I have this unused DEX. I know that I can charge my phone in the DEX using the Samsung USB Fast charger (normal charge mode), but I was wondering if I could use the Warp Charger … and the other DEX ports :-) 


3 replies

1. Plugging in a warp charger will more than likely do nothing as the internals from the Dex will communicate with the charger and will only take the required amount of current the Dex needs to run. So no, it will not have the warp charge speeds.

2. Yes you can get an HDMI signal out (and also use peripherals like mice, keyboards, and even game controllers) but you will want to mind the orientation of the screen as it basically mirrors whatever content is displayed on your screen.

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As mentioned, Warp Charge will not work when attached to a third party dock.  Charging will take place at the maximum speed the dock is rated for. DEX is a Samsung feature so it working on a a OnePlus device is highly doubtful. 

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I have not used the 65W charger with my 8T. Just because a car can go 120 MPH doesn’t mean it’s good to drive that fast all the time. That 65W has to go someplace and the phone doesn’t have a lot of surface area to dissipate heat.