a20s speaker problem after update

  • 16 September 2021
  • 2 replies


A20s after the last update on 09/05/21 I don't hear the caller unless I use the speaker mode on.

Very annoying.

I have already tried clearing the cache, reboot etc.

2 replies


This is a problem a lot of Samsung owners are having after a software update. My visit to T-mobile was non-helpful. The local phone repair guy thought it has to do with a failing audio chip. A search on line revealed many others have the exact same issue, and Samsung either does NOT care, or is forcing people to buy new phones.

Even if I can fix my phone, this will be the last Samsung anything I will buy. POS!

My advice: search for Samsung A20s speaker. Try the solutions  on the user groups.

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its rare that Samsung will admit to any wrong doing...same goes if they have a fix in the works or are trying to figure out the issue..they wont say anything until a update kicks out and all of a sudden its fixed...and or they break something else while fixing that lol