A32 connection to charger sound

  • 13 October 2021
  • 3 replies


How do I stop or change the sound A32 makes when connecting to a fast charger? I have un-clicked the option for a sound when charging but to no avail.

3 replies

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Hmm, that’s odd, that should’ve worked. You could try restarting the phone to see if it does it after the reboot. You can also Wipe cache partition for the phone and give that a try as well. 


Thanks for the reply….Did both of these things and it still is playing the song when I plug it into the charger. Odd how it just grabbed a song from my ringtone files transferred over from my old phone. 

I would submit error report to Samsung Members after reproducing the issue, the techs at Samsung will be able to tell you if it’s an issue or there was a setting that you just forgot about.