After T-Mobile Update to Galaxy S10, Random 'NO SIM Card' errors

  • 22 December 2020
  • 3 replies


After yesterday’s Security Update from T-Mobile, my Galaxy S10 will report ‘No SIM Card found’ and I have to reboot the phone to restore service.  This has occurred 6 times in the last 24+ hours.  Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

3 replies

Yes, I am having the same issue! Have you found any solution yet?


Yes, I did.  I did call support but on a hunch, I removed and reseated the SIM card.  That seems to have solved the issue - no problems since then (I did the reseat while powered on).  The T-Mobile Expert, who was super awesome, even called me back later in the day when I explained what I had done to make sure it was stable.  After 3 days, no issues.

Thanks very much.  I had just pulled out and re- inserted my SIM card this morning,  although I powered down first.  Did they tell you to do it with the power on?