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  • 31 January 2019
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A few weeks ago I started to get complaints that my text messages were either going through multiple times or a simple two sentence text is being broken up into two or three texts and being sent out of order. It's becoming maddening for anyone who receives a text from me.


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45 replies


everything worked fine until the 9.0 android update now we all look like idiots when we text anyone!  This is not acceptable. 

I just spent an hour+ with tmobile customer service & they could do absolutely nothing.  Had no interest in taking my info or creating a ticket.  Basically it was "its a known issue, it's going to keep happening, and there is nothing we can do"

An actual copy and paste from what "Veronica" told me: From what my supervisor and the Experts are telling me, that this is going to be an ongoing issue and there is no way to change it.

"there is nothing we can do" - tmobile - really???


Amanda - this user reported this issue nearly a month ago and said it had been going on for weeks.  So it's been roughly ~7 or so weeks since this has been happening (at the very least), and it still persists.

What is tmobile doing to fix this?  I don't sense anything at all....

I set up an appointment online this morning, and spoke to a tech pretty quickly.  He was very down to earth (very refreshing!) and confirmed what I was already thinking - no fix until an update is sent out addressing it - and no way to accurately predict when the update will arrive.  Meanwhile, I would be shut down from texting my boss, clients, and family.  Due to the work part of it, I can't afford it.  So, they are replacing my phone under warranty, with the replacement being sent to the store I chose.  It will be tested there before I take it.  Crossing my fingers since this problem has been hit or miss across the board - phones and carriers.  I'm hoping the battery drain, failure to provide notifications consistently, and bluetooth app randomly failing will be solved or I'm back in the same boat.

I don't know what changed in mid January but that's when I noticed the issue, or rather the VP of my company pointed out how my texts were coming through. I just received the 9 upgrade last week so I don't think the two are related.

What I find frustrating is that I spent a month on here complaining and getting basic answers from t-mobile support, to do things I stated I did from the start.

I had to download another messaging app to finally get around it.  As an IT professional I couldn't keep sending texts that way.
Granted I had to play around with a few, finally settled on Textra, it has is lag but it has a few perks as well.
I just can't fathom paying for a service and a company "not having an answer how to fix it".  Maybe we shouldn't pay for that service "until they do figure out how to fix it"


Since T-Mobile Support clearly has no interest in this issue as they have failed to:

- say what the issue is

- give any sort of indication they are working on it

- provide any ETA for resolution

Instead, they have laughably just told customers to stop using SMS, but continue to charge us for a service they acknowledge isn't' working and are even SUGGESTING we don't use.

Everyone needs to email T-Mobile CEO @__invited__john.legere to get someone to actually care about this issue. 

T-mobiles customer support and the way they have responded to this is wildly unacceptable and I am certain John would like to hear about it...

Please email.

I've had this problem for almost a year now across 2 Samsung phones... Started around April 2018. Any text messages sent to Verizon users get split up. Don't have problems with others. Happened on my S7 edge, and continues to happen on my Note 9 (running Android 8 and 9 now). It started after I turned on multi line settings on my account last year so I could text using the texting app on my laptop. I think it has to do with TMobile advanced messaging. If I switch to Android Messages (Google) the problem goes away. I think it goes away with that app because it doesn't integrate with TMobile advanced messaging like Samsung messages does. Only my friends on Verizon complain about this... No issues sending texts to friends on Sprint or ATT.

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Hey Everyone!

I'm sorry it has taken us a bit of time to get to the bottom of why this is happening; I finally have some answers. There was a rollback on a software update that fixed the issue for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9. If you have a S10 and are experiencing this, our Engineers need more examples of this happening. To pass along your example, please Community-2153 via 611 or Facebook / Twitter to have a ticket filed.

I have a Note 9 and it's been happening ever since I got it... with Android Oreo (8) and still with the Android Pie (9) update. And it was happening on my S7 Edge before that. Is there a fix for the Note 9? And if yes how do I get that fix?

I have a Note 8, and since the Android Pie update (which I finally got LAST NIGHT and HATE!), I now am limited to the number of characters allowed in a message and I can no longer customize my message bubbles or background. Not such a big issue with the customizing, but as a Data Analyst, I am required to send lengthy messages to my bosses at any given moment throughout my day! THIS BLOCKS ME FROM DOING THAT!

If I had wanted a phone with an Apple processing system, I would have bought an iPhone! This update has put an Apple system in a Android device! HORRIBLE!

This messaging FAIL needs to to be fixed NOW!!! It is making it increasingly difficult to do my job, and I should not have to download an entirely different app just to do it, or pay for an application that has obviously caused distress and major issues for so many people! I got this phone for the purpose of my work, and it did great (before this HORRIBLE update). Over the last 12 hours, I have been unable to send time sensitive data to my bosses...Because that really looks good for ANY employee!


August 13, 2019 and the problem still exists.

Checked and rechecked all my settings in the about thread. Nothing.

Rusher than wasting my time and sanity, I've switched to the app called Signal. Wala! Problem sooner.

This is truly a fail and possibly a final nail in the coffin for my relationship with T-Mobile.

Try it people, SIGNAL WORKS!

Did anyone ever get anywhere with this?

This exact problem started happening with me about a week ago. I have a Samsung Galaxy s9 that I updated last week. Now everyone I text who has Verizon receives my texts as multiple messages. I was working with Tmobile support for a while last night via Twitter DM, and they basically told me my phone is fine, and it is an issue with the person receiving the messages. That obviously isn't the case since they all have different phones (but they do have Verizon), and I just updated.

I too am having this same issue for about 2 weeks...I'm tempted to switch carriers. I can barely communicate coherently with my coworkers and family. Let's be honest, so much more communication these days are done by text rather than talk.  I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S10e, but someone suggested it might have to do with the cell towers rather than the device? @tmobile-admin​@ what is being done about this? Clearly this is an ongoing issue that hasn't been resolved.

Hi folks, did a little research myself. And tested the same long text across different carriers. AT&T, tmobile, verizon. And it looks like it is in fact a communications between tmobile AND verizon only.

After spending all afternoon troubleshooting with tmobile T-force. We were able to narrow it down. Unfortunately, no changes happened on this day. But we can pin point to this issue, as verizon receiving problem. As opposed to tmobile sending. 

Dont take just my word for it. Test it yourself. You will see, you can receive long text just fine from any carrier. But verizon phones (galaxy and iphones) both tested negatively on my end. Each Verizon phone received broken SMS txt. As opposed to a long MMS.

Here's my last info received from Tmobile twitter help.....

Oh my, I just did a little bit of digging and I was able to find a master ticket on this issue, at that point it means that T-Mobile and Verizon are going to be working together to try to find what the issue is and hopefully that means we will have a fix soon! Group messages are not affected, it is just long text messages that are for some reasoning being broken up and arriving in the wrong order. Sadly I do not have a deadline on the fix right this moment. One of the reasons it may be just android users complaining about it is because iPhones use iMessage which uses data instead, so it can go around the whole network! If you have someone you chat with a lot that this is going to be a problem with some services let you still use text in a simillar fashion, I think Facebook Messenger is one of them to test out!

I know this was quite a bit of troubleshooting to get to this point, and if you are active on any of those forums please refer folks having issues outside of Verizon here for troubleshooting! For all of your time and effort today, I would be happy to get a $20 credit on your account to save you on your next bill. Would you like me to get this applied?

So theres that... a whole day with tmobile help. And more to come I hope.....  

Fyi. Phones tested... sender tmobile galaxy s10+ and galaxy s10...

Broken messages received.. verizon iPhone X, verizon galaxy s7, verizon galaxy s8,

Not broken messages: AT&T iPhone X, t mobile galaxy s9

How can you determine that it's a Verizon receiving problem, and not a Tmobile sending problem? I only started having this problem when I updated my phone, so that sounds like a problem on my end.

I would just recommend to test it yourself. I've sent long messages to different Verizon phone numbers. And they all were received broken.  When I send to a different carrier. Whether iphone or android. They were not broken at all.

I know, I did the same tests and recieved the same results. But you could only say it is a Verizon issue if they were recieving broken up messages from other phones besides Android phones on Tmobile. I know they're not because I live with the person who is recieving my messages broken. Something is happening coming from our Android phones on tmobile. All evidence points to this being a sending problem. We are the ones who need the update, not Verizon.

I completely agree with you. The communication between the two carriers seem to be affected. If tmobile or verizon can get it solved would be great. I only said it's a receiving problem, because it was the best way to explain 3 different verizon telephone accounts recieving broken tmobile messages. The companies need better communication. When I (t mobile user) send to other carriers. The same message goes thru just fine. And I can receive long text from all users. So it's in our best interest to let tmobile directly know. That the communication between android users isnt optimal between verizon and t mobile... not that it's a just t mobile problem or just verizon problem. As I am not an employee to either company. I wouldn't know how to solve the problem. I only pointed out that this issue is happening when I communicate(send messages) with verizon android and iphones. Not any other carrier.

Also having this issue since the last update, Samsung Galaxy S9, sending texts to Verizon, splits the texts up into multiple and mixes them up.  Basically all texts to individuals are using SMS, despite the switch in my settings being toggled to "Send messages as group conversations by default" which should imply MMS, not SMS. It's getting really damn frustrating at this point.  When are we going to have a fix for this?  I mean... it was working fine like 3 weeks ago... now it's not.  Roll back those changes.  Simple as that.

Seeing a similar issue except it is me (a non-T-Mobile customer) sending a message to a T-Mobile customer, and they receive the message broken up.

For months if not years, when I send a long message from Google Fi carrier (uses T-Mobile and Sprint towers) on my Motorola MotoX4 (and maybe even previously on my Nexus 5X?) to my friend on T-Mobile previously with an old OnePlus phone but now with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S20, they get the messages broken up with the 1/2 2/2 stuff, occasionally out of order. This friend on T-Mobile is the only person in many years that has mentioned to me that they are not receiving my long messages as a single message. T-Mobile is not a popular carrier in my area so it could be that they are the only one I regularly text with that has T-Mobile.