Android 8.1.0 after update complaints

  • 16 January 2019
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The other day I  downloaded and installed the latest Software update, Andoid 8.1.0. I noticed something's that never happened before. I am on a Note 9. My battery is draining faster than it has before ,I'm having issues sending picture messages. Anyone else experience issues with the latest software update?

3 replies

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Battery drain can increase with an update.  Does it mean anything is wrong.  No!  I haven't had any issues with my SMS or MMS messages or any complaints with the extra few percent battery drain on my device.  After a few days, the drain will minimize, but you can also disable or force close some bloat and social media trash to gain much more back than your device normally uses. 

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As with any update it takes time for the battery to settle back in and the system to know where to put those battery resources. if you have the option to clear the cache of all apps in the system do that and try to reboot if not you can go individually through each app. If all else fails there's always a factory reset for which you should have everything already backed up to Gmail Google photos Google drive etc.

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This isn't totally uncommon with software updates. Sometimes apps haven't been optimized to work with the new update and consume more battery life than normal. It can take some time, but I'd see if the apps you use receive an update. snn555 has some great suggestions too that you should test out.