Android Auto Issue: OnePlus 8 5G Running Android 11


I have a OnePlus 8 running Android 11. 


When I connect it to my car (2019 GMC Terrain) it takes anywhere from a few seconds to 15 minutes for the phone to connect.  I see no pattern as to how long it will take to connect and become usable through the car’s display.  This has been going on since the upgrade to Android 11 - when was that - January?


I’ve seen posts re AA issues in other forums and websites.  I’ve tried various things like clearing caches, setting different defaults for USB behavior, different USB cables, etc.  My wife has a Samsung S20 and her phone connects instantly and flawlessly every time.  So the issue is not the car.


None of the attempted fixes have changed anything. I talked to TMobile tech support and, while helpful and inquisitive, they said they didn’t really have record of people complaining about it.


I’m “thisclose” to selling this OnePlus (my first).  


Any ideas?  Has anyone else experienced something like this?




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