Android With Decent Signal?

  • 24 March 2014
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My parents currently live in a "good coverage area" (which equates to they are lucky to get one bar of coverage if they Lion King their phone to make a call...) they are currently using less than wonderful models of phones and are ready to upgrade, but would like phones that have a good signal reputation. Their current options are the Galaxy 4, Galaxy Note 3, IPhone 5 and Nexus 5... any opinions from those who live in lower coverage areas as to which phone is best? They use Satellite Internet and Wifi calling is not an option for them to use at home. They get otherwise good coverage after about a mile or two out from their house.

8 replies

Of recent phones I have had the gs4 gets pretty good signal. Better then my htc one s, sensation or even the s3. Not sure about the note 3. And have heard mixed things about the nexus series myself.

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"Lion King their phone"?  That's a phrase I haven't heard of... do they start singing "Oh I just can't wait to be king!"?

I'm with @theartiszan.  The Galaxy devices seem to have a bit stronger antenna.  And the OS features Samsung has built in makes them pretty good rivals to iDevices

I love my Nexus 5, but it's not the best in lower coverage areas.  I've learned this when I got moved one cube further in at work (aren't I supposed to be getting CLOSER to the window with seniority, not further away? I mean, I DID start with a window seat, now I'm in the middle of the building!).  I have 1, sometimes 2 bars of 3G and LTE (3-4 bars if I go 2G only).  I had a bit stronger signal on my Galaxy SII.  So, I can't totally blame it on the satellites here...

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You can get the 4G LTE Galaxy S3 and that has wonderful signal. It is also cheaper than the Galaxy S4. Though if they are going to get insurance on it I would tell them to just go for the high end and new. Ask about re-manufactured prices.

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It's when you put the phone high up above you.

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By the way cell phone bars mean very little. It is more important to know if you are in 4G LTE, 4G, 3G, EDGE, or 2G. Also, if you use wifi calling don't sit really close to the box. I don't know why but it causes collisions which makes the talking hard to understand. WiFi calling is a great addition though if you are trapped in the middle of Egypt.

I also have Galaxy S4 and live near mountains, but travel to a large city and still get great reception everywhere I go.  Out of the devices just mentioned I would absolutely chose the Galaxy S4.

The best antenna I have seen is on the LG G2.

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Whatever device you decide on will be fine so long as it supports wi-fi calling and the appropriate bands needed for the record.