Assurant Insurance Complaint

  • 22 June 2024
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Been dealing with Assurant and UPS since April 2024 and it has been a complete nightmare.  First, the replacement phone they sent was not delivered by UPS, although UPS said it had been delivered. It may have indeed been delivered but not to my house as I waited all day for the delivery.  I called Assurant to let them know that I had not received the phone and they filed a a UPS claims on my behalf as I was informed that the company would have to do it.  The claim was closed as UPS said it was delivered with no back up information other than the standard delivery receipt.  From what I was told by a UPS driver they are supposed to take a picture which I had not received.  To make a long story short, I ended up having to purchase a new phone because of the run around.  Now Assurant has withdrawn almost $400.00 from my account through tmobile becaused the damage phone had not been returned.  Tmobile says they cannot help me because it is dealing with assurant. It seems like I have reached a dead end.  I have no replacement phone, out of pocket for the deductible, and a negative account.  Looking for any advice/suggestions.  Thanks!

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