Audio dropouts/skips on Pixel 6 Pro/Android 12?

  • 23 November 2021
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I posted similarly on Google’s Pixel forum, but I really need to get to the bottom of this audio issue and soon. I am new to the Pixel community - I have a new Pixel 6 Pro but I am super frustrated about this audio issue. This is my second Android phone - my first was an Essential PH-1 and it was rock solid playing back media. I am experiencing audio dropouts/skips of about 1/2 second long every 30 to 60secs (but also randomly - I may go as long as a few minutes) when listening to any audio application and whether I am going through Bluetooth in my car or through a pair of wired headphones through a USB-C converter. I have tried the following apps: MediaMonkey, Synology DS Audio, HiByMusic, Hi-Fi Cast, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music (and even more). I also recently purchased 2 new USB-C converters (one based on Realtek DAC chip, and another based on Qualcomm DAC chip) besides a third older one that has worked fine on my Essential PH-1 for years. All of these devices and apps suffer from the same audio dropout.


I have disabled all Google Assistant features. I have turned off notifications on almost every single app. I have turned off Adaptive Sound. I have turned off all Live Caption options. But alas nothing has helped.


I am hoping that this is easily fixed in a patch or by turning off some service/feature that I don’t know about because it is incredibly annoying. I am a drummer and often practice to playlists. But with the audio dropping out randomly all the time, it is impossible to practice and get into a groove. It is so bad I am thinking of bringing back to T-Mobile this week and trading it in for anything else.


Please Help!


Ryan (in St. Pete)

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