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  • 20 May 2022
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I have a Oneplus 9, that got the android 12 update, and since then, it will not recognize any sim put into it, and has two shaded sim icons where the signal and battery percentage are. I called Tmobile, explained my problem and they shipped out a replacement really quickly. My issue started when I went to the store and pick up the phone. I was asked to pay 21 dollars. I told them I wasn't going to pay for something that was not of my doing, I don't care if it cost ten cents. I researched the issue, and people on Xda are having the same issue, with it being a problem with the build.prop in the OS. Those that have an unlocked and rooted phone can fix the issue by editing the build.prop. I haven't rooted a phone in 8 years and I'm not about to start....I'm too busy, plus the phone isn't fully paid off yet. I was told the issue would be sent up higher. Hopefully I can have this issue fixed without paying anything as I did not cause this problem.....

2 replies

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I do.  I have 2 7 Pro's, an 8, 2 8T's (One from T-Mobile, the other from OnePlus, an 8 Pro, and a 9. There are some major issues with all OnePlus devices and Android 12.  This is why I recommend staying on Android 11 with the OnePlus devices for the time being.  

The issue is with how Oppo's OS base and the build prop identify dual-SIM and the IMEI.  Because T-Mobile devices have a codename with a T on the end of them.  When converting to the Global firmware, the Oxygen OS layer on top of Oppo's Color OS doesn't recognize the device as a valid device because it has a T on the end of the codename.  Lemonade versus Lemonadet for the T-Mobile version.  This also ties in with the issue with the carrier policy and carrier policy subscription 1 xml's not recognizing the networks.


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@syaoran  you have a OP9 dont you? cant remember. was this something that was found during any of the Betas?