Battery Drain on LG V30 after System update.

Anyone else having problems with battery drainage and charging on their V30 after this last update.  My wife and I both having this issue.


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No issue with my wife's or my phone and I didn't even do a master reset

after the update.

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Have you checked your battery usage to see which app(s) might be the issue? 

This post is purposely aim at helping users of the new LG smartphone who are dealing with a pertinent issue in which the device won’t charge, doesn’t fully charge, and the like. You are certain that your phone is properly connected to the charger but for some reasons it doesn’t charge.

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Ditto here on my V30. The one difference I noticed (that I liked) was my screen seemed to respond better than after the update.

Any one have new update?


Yes .. defiantly having a battery issue.   Draining rapidly and will not completely 100% charge.  Since Android Pie update.

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Are you able to see what app is draining most of the battery?


   No .... there doesn't seem to be an app that is using most of the

battery.   Before Android Pie, it would always charge to 100% and stay

in the upper 90% all morning .... Now it will only charge to 99%

(wif-fi) and occasionally 100 (not wi-fi).   And even when I don't use

it, it drops to 90% rapidly. ........ I use it mostly for phone, messaging.

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If you go into the battery options, it will tell you what is using the most battery. I wanna see if it is a specific app or maybe the android system.


This morning I have answered 2 messages ..... and not  used the phone at

all.   It started out at 100% and now is 91%.

Device usage:

  phone idle...5%

  Wi-fi   1%

  Google Play store  1%

  Android system  1%

  Android OS   1%

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Thanks for checking that. I think that we may need to explore some reset options here because this is definitely not the expected behavior. After large updates, it's never a bad idea to do a full backup of the device and then do a master reset. Before that though, lets try a Wipe cache partition: LG V30/V30+​ and see if that helps.

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Hey there! Did you get a chance to try the cache wipe?


Yes ... I did that.   I had already been trying that.


screen usage  11 min

phone idle  7%

system  1%

WI-FI  1%

screen 1%

apps  1%

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That all seems like pretty normal usage. How long had the phone been unplugged to use that 11%?


Not having a serious problem.... but there is defiantly a drain since

Android Pie.

system  8%

phone idle  6%

wi-fi 1%

screen 1%

google play 1%

android os 1%

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If the battery usage continues to be abnormal, it might be worth doing a full backup and master reset.


thank you .... where are the instructions to do a full backup and master

reset if I decide to do that?

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Backup & restore: LG V30/V30+

Device resets: LG V30/V30+