Battery life after Nougat

  • 24 February 2017
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After Nougat update my battery life is almost non-existent. I can barely reach 2:30 hours of screen time. Around lunch I have to start charging the phone if I need to use after lunch. What happened? Previously had no issues getting 5-6 hours of screen time and still have battery left and the end of the day.

18 replies

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Well that is no good at all! Are you able to see what specifically is using all of your battery? After large updates like this, it helps to do either a system cache wipe on your phone or a fully factory reset that way the phone can start fresh with the updated software.

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Hey there @pyliokas‌!  I just wanted to touch base and see if you'd had a chance to try any of the troubleshooting steps recommended here and if they were helpful in resolving this battery concern.  How is everything going?

- Marissa

I did end up exchanging the device. It worked great for less than a week. I am noticing the draining once again.

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Oh no!!! Are you able to see what is consuming the majority of your battery life? You should be able to see this in Settings > Battery

Currently it is Spotify, but that wouldn't explain why my battery was fine entire week up until today.

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What % of battery has Spotify used and what is your current battery %? How long has your phone been on?

My battery life has been awful on Nougat as well. I did a full reset, which helped a bit. Android System and Android OS are the top battery draining services, over screen usage, which should be at the top.

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I totally agree! Android system and Android OS battery drain issues are hard to troubleshoot as there are many things that your phone does that report as OS/System. I posted a comment over here explaining some of the causes and there was another user that found an issue with his Wi-Fi network mode. Hope this helps.

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Hey hey @beefyelbows‌!  I wanted to see if you'd had a chance to look at Chris's post on the other thread linked above.  Was that helpful?  Have you been able to alleviate some of the battery drain concern you were having?

- Marissa

I've turned off location services for almost all apps. The battery life is still pretty bad. I have friends that have ditched their S7s post-update, because of the battery issues. There appears to be no remedy.

Maybe we can get a further updated OS for this phone eventually. Right now, I'm regretting going to Samsung.

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Yikes!  It's a bummer to read that the settings changes have only had a minimal effect on the battery drain you're experiencing - and even worse to know that some of your friends have actually called this phone a wash.  I certainly hope it's not at the end of updates; that seems unlikely given that it's still a relatively recently released device - but I really can't say for sure because we're simply not privy to that kind of information.  It sounds like you've taken as much action as one can; especially since you completed a master reset.  I'll definitely pass the feedback along to our contact who works with Samsung - I can't guarantee results, but it will at least put the matter in front of the right folks.  Thanks for letting us know what's happening with your phone and all of the troubleshooting you've done to try to remedy it!

- Marissa

So, after further tinkering, I may have found, at least the main, culprit. In my case, it seems that the main battery draw was Wifi Scanning and Bluetooth Scanning in the Improve Accuracy section of the Location Settings(Settings>Connections>Location>Improve Accuracy).

This appears to be a brand new section in Nougat, and is separate from the normal "high accuracy', battery saving", "device only" settings. After turning these scans off, I am back to acceptable battery life!

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Whoa, that's an awesome find!  Thanks for sharing (and the screen shot)!

- Marissa

I have a samsung s6. I updated to nougat yesterday afternoon. I charged my phone at 12 a.m. Used it a little and it went down to 90%. Woke up 6 hours later and it was completely dead. It wouldn't turn on. I had to plug it and wait for it to charge from 0. This is not cool

I checked the location tip above and I already had that off.

Yep.  I have an S7 and I wiped the partition and it did not really help. I figure if that didn't work, a factory reset won't either.  I think the only option is to upgrade to that S8 with that stupidly ridiculous infinity screen that I hate.  My phone drains 30% in 4 hours in my pocket with screen turned off, location off, connected to wifi and I have all of the battery saving stuff recommended even though I never had to do it before.  I also have to charge at lunch even without using it at all!!!  i NEVER had to wipe the cache partition after any other update; I have not changed anything on the phone.  The update is BAD.  On another thread, I read where someone took it to Best Buy and the guy said there was no fix other than to wait for the developer to release a patch!  Ugh!

It's super frustrating. I waited forever on chat today with Samsung. I'll include it.

elizzydizzy wrote:

It's super frustrating. I waited forever on chat today with Samsung.

Hi @elizzydizzy

Welcome to T-Mobile's Community Support Forum 😊

I would like to help you find a solution for your problem. I do have a Galaxy S6 which recently updated to Nougat with no apparent  problem.

To begin the solution process, I want to first make sure that you understand that this is a community discussion forum. It is not a real time chat venue. It does take some time for members of the community to see your post and respond with personal suggestions which might or might not solve your issue.

I noticed that you had said that you were frustrated having to wait forever to chat with Samsung. We certainly don't want to have you feel frustrated here.

There are some troubleshooting suggestions that might help, but I believe that it is counter productive to begin the process right here. You have responded to an existing ongoing problem resolution discussion for a nougat update problem that was for a phone other than the Galaxy S6.

Although some of the prior replies might be relative for your situation, your solution might lie elsewhere. Certainly it could be useful for you to read the forgoing conversations, but you will have a much greater chance of receiving help by starting a discussion of your own to address the problem with your particular model of phone.

I will try to help make the transition process as easy as possible for you by offering some step by step suggestions.

First I am going to request your permission to "follow you" and you will receive a notification asking if you "accept" my request. If you accept my request I will then be notified every time you post anywhere in the forum asking for help.

Whether you decide you want me to "follow you" or not, here is how you can ask for help, where the entire community may see you problem, and have a greater chance of receiving what we call here the "correct answer".

  • At the top of this page inside the red band which says " Support > Samsung Galaxy Discussions ", click "Samsung Galaxy Discussions".
  • On the new page you can select "Create a discussion" in the red box. you will get more responses if you ask a question.
  • I would select something like this. " Galaxy S6 Battery Drain After Nougat Update. Can anybody please help me?"

You could then post your call log again, and wait for responses from other members and also T-Mobile employees such as those who are already participating in this particular discussion thread.