Big Big Fraud by T-mobile with their customer by the name of Jump Upgrade

  • 6 October 2020
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Being more than 30 months of t-mobile customer, I discovered today that T-mobile is making fraud with their customers, i am one of their fool making customer. 

I got one device on EIP almost 15 months or more and i paid each month $37/- device EIP with Insurance $15 and Jump upgrade 6/- almost 58/- every month with tax all that, on September 22, 2020 i went to store to get jump upgrade deal with agreed price under jump upgrade i placed an order by paying tax they supposed  to send me new jump upgrade device by courier because that device was not available in store as per store staff and i also got sim in promotion by paying  $30 charges too and returned to home. 

An hour after reaching home i saw that store lady entered a wrong address of mine for shipping device because she was in front of screen so at that time I can't able see what she was typing on shipping despite I given her my ID, she entered a wrong address. 

Anyway, I found within an hour and call to customer service of t mobile to fix it, they said tracking number is not generated yet and we can fix by ups after that, next following day i called back to fix the address and after conference call they confirmed its fixed but will be one late to deliver instead of September 23 will be delivered on 24th, i said its ok, this process took 3 times conversation to fix address and activity is also seen on tracking number that address is corrected and will effect on day delivery blah blah. 

On Sept 24th late evening without any Information ups update the tracking details that package is send back to sender. I was surprised. 

Anyway, on Sept 25th morning I again called to t-mobile and Explained all, they said no problem we give you new device under same jump upgrade but you have to pay again tax and that one we will refund you, i still thought its okay but when she send me email its again trick to customer, she sent under regular upgrade which is on regular price. 

Right way I called back to canceled it, I asked them why would I buy under regular upgrade while I am paying every month jump upgrade extra for this benefit. They sent return label and said that one device in return transition mode once it will received in warehouse and the we can reschedule, as per them there was no other option, so I said okay then wait for that I the meanwhile wrong upgrade device received and same without anything we returned to ups, because ups courier guy never knock and bell at door he left outside the door which was also incredible job by ups if someone from outside door steal that device before we saw that I have many more torture I have bear on that too. 

Back to real under jump, since September 24th till today still it showing first never delivered device showing status send back to sender, in the meantime they said it went back by ground and take time.  

Today on October 5th, I decided to talk to supervisor despite so many conversations I was fade up on keeping on waiting i asked her, "Madam why should I suffer on waiting this is all your staff mistake and ups problem. She said you have no more option of jump upgrade we dropped the ball its canceled now, I was literally tormented and I said why should I be punished for wrong shipping address and she was insisting me to buy phone under regular upgrade of full price..I said why should I buy from regular upgrade but she clearly refused to give me jump upgrade. 

After spending so much time and effort I figure out today night at 3 clock because it keep me tormented that it really a fraud to customer by making this kind scenario to make them fool to not give their under juml upgarde because T-mobile will loose money in that..i want to request to all higher authority of t-mobile to look into this matter. 

Otherwise, It always be remains in my mind I have been cheated by T-mobile by grabbing every month my money under the name of jump upgarde and when time comes they play a game with me. 

I always prefer fair life dealing with each and everyone and by grace of God never did wrong to anyone. 

But this shows that clearly cheating or farud to every customer like me. 

Again please take an action on these types of cases may be there were several who quit from t-mobile because of no fair dealing with customer. 

Thank you








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This forum is pretty much inhabited by customers with very little T-Mobile employee presence.  You should try contacting the T-Force Team through either Facebook or Twitter to see if they can sort all of that out for you and address your complaints.