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  • 6 January 2022
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Hello all


i got as a gift a phone from T MOBILE, 

i got the box and everything, the person who gifted it to me finally chosed to report it as stolen

I never stole it, and i still have the chats where he says he gifted me that phone , and during the process he was looking for a phone for me, offering me different phone options


what can i do please

3 replies

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You can try reaching out to the T-Force Team via Facebook or Twitter to see if there is anything they can do for you.  

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I’ve spoken to people who actually bought phones from a third-party such as Amazon or E-Bay and after money has changed hands, the seller files an insurance claim on the device.  This immediately puts a lost/stolen blacklist on the IMEI and the seller receives a new device from the insurance company. 

If the phone was blacklisted by the insurance company specifically, T-Mobile can’t remove it.  Care or T-Force will be able to tell you how and when the phone was blacklisted.

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This is one of the hazards of a 2nd-hand phone.