Calls and text not coming in at times

  • 23 August 2016
  • 7 replies

I recently got a line with T-Mobile (Galaxy S7). So far the speeds and coverage has been great. But at times, I would have calls and texts not coming in. At the most, texts would come in an hour later. I've also have been told by people of why I'm not answering their call, and that's because I don't receive calls. It only works when i call someone. Anyway this could be fixed? This has been happening a lot lately..

7 replies

Welcome to Support and thanks for reaching out!

Does this seem to be happening everywhere, or do you experience this issue in a specific location, or a few specific locations? Does this happen when your coverage is strong? is it with any specific numbers or contacts?



This happens everywhere from what I've experienced, even when i have full coverage. Seems to happen with all my contacts/numbers.

So if it's happening everywhere and to everyone, that narrows it down to an S7 or a SIM card issue more than likely.

When did you get your S7? Did you use the SIM that came in the box?


I got the unlocked version of the S7 and activated it at a T-Mobile store, and they put the sim card in it.

Thanks for clarifying. If you are still having problems with this I would like to try a quick test and that is temporarily disabling VoLTE. You can try this for a few calls/days and see if there are any improvements.

You can disable VoLTE on your phone by following these steps.

From your home screen, press the Phone icon.

Tap More on the top right corner.

Scroll down and tap on Settings.

Switch "Voice over LTE preferred" to off.

Let me know how it goes!

Well it seems to have fix itself now, been working fine for about a few days now. Calls and text seem to be coming in now.

That is great to hear! It's possible that you were in an area that was having some work done on the local towers causing some degradation. Let's hope for nothing but smooth sailing here on out.