Can I use a Sprint locked device on Tmobile?

  • 5 August 2020
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I am a long-time T-mobile customer and recently purchased a refurbished LG-G7 that was supposed to be T-mobile locked, but when I received it, I discovered it is locked to Sprint.

Not that Sprint and T-mobile have merged, is it possible to connect this phone to the T-mobile network?  Or can I unlock this phone to use it?

just exploring options other than sending it back and looking for another one.



7 replies

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This is he first time I’ve seen this question. I’ll be curious what the answer is and if Tmobile can now unlock Sprint phones if need be.


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Definitely a great question!  With the used device market being such a major factor for those wanting to purchase devices outright as well.  I hope someone from T-Mobile can provide a straight forward and direct answer to the OP’s question.  @tmo_lauren@tmo_marissa 


I’m in exactly the same position, except I’m looking at buying a Sprint locked LG G8 for use on T-mobile. I know that the technical specs are compatible since my son is using an unlocked G8 on T-mobile with no problems. Just not sure if I will need to get the phone unlocked or not. Would like to know before I pull the trigger on the purchase!



Have you tried just putting a T-mobile sim card in it? 


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i wouldnt think it would be a problem. most carriers have a list of allowed devices...dont remember any of the others restricting the G8 or the G7 and TMO isnt exactly known for having a huge limited list of not allowed devices lol.


Did some more looking around, and some folks on this thread seem to think it will work. First posts from several months ago said it didn’t, but recent posts people are reporting it works.

Yeah. I popped my SIM into my friends mom's iPhone XR that she's still paying off, and it jumped right onto the T-Mobile network with literally zero setup effort from me.