Can't send Messages on Group chat on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

I have been noticing for a few months and not it has gotten worse. I receive texts on the group chat but I can't reply? what's happening? Samsung said it's T-mobiles fault and they have to fix it. It's really important and needs to get fixed!

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I don't have any issues with my Note 9, but I also have the chat functions disabled.  When disabled, it converts the messages to MMS for both incoming and outgoing.  This was the easiest solution to not needing to close and delete threads just to be able to start a new chat with someone that closed and or deleted the thread on their end. 

Are you running the latest firmware, 1ARL1?  You can find this in Settings, About Phone, Software Information, and under Service Provider Software Version.  Have you tried manually checking for updates if your device is not up to date?  In the Samsung Messages app under the 3 dots, Settings, and Chat Settings.  Do you have Send Read Receipt on, Multimedia Limit set to automatically send and receive all files, Image Size set to best available, , and Sharing Typing Indications set to on?  Including Alias is somewhat optional, but you might want to set that to on as well.  Personally, I have the three toggles set to off, which sends and receives my chat messages as MMS messages, but the Multimedia Limit and Image Size are both set as described regardless.

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Hey @afaaqsiddiqui

Sorry to hear you are having issues with group messaging 😥 What specifically happens when you try to reply? Did you get a chance to read over @syaoran​'s reply? 

When I send a message on the group chat it fails to send it just keeps asking me to resend it. I have tried so many things but nothing works, I have temporarily switched to Google Messages app and It works perfectly fine. Please try your best to reach out to the developers to get this fixed asap. Yea I have read that but nothing works.

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Glad to hear another messaging app is working. Since it seems isolated to the default messaging app, I do not believe it to be a network issue. Can you please try clearing the cache and data from your default messaging app? 

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Happy Monday, @afaaqsiddiqui​!

Did clearing the cache on the messaging app as Chris recommended help?

I am having these same issues.  I have disabled chats and my group messages are still changing to chat and I am unable to send.

I tried leaving the group on one thinking I could rejoin and now I am locked out and can not send anything to this group.

I have tried everything. Clearing cache, etc. Nothing is working for me.

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Oh no! What do you mean locked out of the group chat??


I switched to t-mobile about 2-3 weeks ago  and I'm having the same problem on my note 9 that I didn't have before with AT&T. A group message that has been going on for years suddenly stops working and EVERY sms I try to send on that thread fails. Please look into this 

Tmobile needs to be more upfront.After the most  recent update,the only solution is to download  a  messenger app. The latest update has caused a glitch that prevents group text messaging. Tmobile has told me the next update will hopefully remedy this issue. I've downloaded the goggle messaging app until they can fix it.

afer clearing cache and data this issue was resolved for me.

I have observed this bug before, it appears to be happening if one or more of the recipients of the group chat use IOS instead of Android, clearing the cache seems to fix it for a while but it is an outstanding issue,

June 30, 2020

Note 9


Since the recent updates  Irandomly cannot reply to group chats &/or have issues receiving messages. 


It's not an IOS/iPhone issue as some group chats are with my husband and kids and we all have Android's. I literally cannot hit the "send arrow" after I type because it doesn't light up when I try to respond to a group text from my husband and kids. 


Also, I randomly will not receive messages in other group chats (where everyone also is an Android user).


NEVER had any issues with group texts until the update. Always sent and received in groups perfect. I could see people typing, they could see me typing, etc. Now it's all gone to crap. 


Very frustrating when you pay a lot of money for these phones. 


Seriously thinking of switching to IPhone... Been on the edge lately anyways and now this. 


It's been happening for to long for Samsung just to lay low like nothing's happening. Call phone's are very important, especially right now with people's employment & income depending on them working from home and home school. 


Really interrupted how I communicated with my kids teacher's and who knows how many group chats I've missed from work. I do payroll and HR and it looks very unprofessional. 


Please just let me know up front if there's an issue vs have me do a million different things knowing it won't work. 


Thank you,


Loyal Samsung Customer