Can't send picture messages

  • 27 January 2018
  • 8 replies

I've recently updated my phone, on wireless but data roaming and roaming also on...have good signal but suddenly cannot send pictures at all. Help!

8 replies

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Is it a Tmobile branded phone?

If not you will need to change the apn settings.

How to reset the APN on an Android device

It is T-Mobile. LG G6 and I've only had it for a couple of months.

When this is happening is it happening with one specific person? Have you tried restarting the device? What is the signal that is displayed? If it is LTE can you try connecting to 4g(HSPA+) or 2g(E).

It's happening with a group of people. Seems to be only in text and mostly iPhone users. It happens when the signal is strong and with a strong wireless signal. I've restarted the phone a number of times and checked for updates but there are none. I just tried it again a moment ago with the same results.

Yes but what kind of signal is it? LTE? Also what device are you using i forgot to ask?

Oh sorry! LTE.  And the phone is an LG G6.  I've only had it a couple of months. It was working fine one day then the next not working.

Hmm ok. So I personally had this issue when I had a Nexus 6p and it had to do with android overall. However, I have seen times where its just the messaging app being used. I would try booting the device into safe mode and seeing if this changes anything. If it works in safe mode than one of the apps on your device isn't playing nice with the default messenger. I would also have the sim swapped and ensure your APN settings are correct.

Thank you! I'll try those and hopefully it will be resolved.