Can't send text with picture through MMS

  • 15 September 2015
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For some reason, with my Note 5, when i send a picture through MMS, I can't add text to it. It sends the picture separately ( without the text).

Where as, My Note 4 and my wife's galaxy S6 allows to add text with the picture. It delivers both picture and text as one message.

Can someone help me with this?


Best answer by tidbits 15 September 2015, 19:11

Since the update to RCS(Advanced Messaging) what happened has changed a bit

Turn off VoLTE(which turns off RCS) which fixes the problem.  RCS is still a work in progress.

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33 replies

Just spoke with tech support. They said they had to take that feature out. Reason is, when people send out pictures with text as one message, at time there's disruptions in the network and the recipients have issues receiving it.

they said I have to send the picture first then send the text separately.

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Sounds like shenanigans.

Have you tried a different messaging app?

yes it does work with apps like whatsapp.

the tech support said from now on none of the latest phones will have the feature of adding text to their pictures in their builtin sms/mms messaging app.

but we can still do it through third party messaging apps.

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Does WhatsApp let you text from your T-Mobile number?  I thought it used it's own messaging server?

I was referencing something like Handcent or GoSMS -- something that replaces the messaging app on your phone.

Also, which app are you using that it doesn't work as you expect with?  When I use Hangouts, it does that odd thing you describe, but I figure that's because Google is new with MMS with regards to Hangouts / Google Voice.

I am using whatsapp through my t-mobile number.

And the app that doesn't work is the regular stock app called messages

which came with the phone when I bought it.

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Since the update to RCS(Advanced Messaging) what happened has changed a bit

Turn off VoLTE(which turns off RCS) which fixes the problem.  RCS is still a work in progress.

Yup you're right tidbits. I turned off the VoLTE and it's working now.

Thank you so much! That tech didn't know about this.

But one question, what is this VoLTE?

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Voice over LTE. When you place a call you'll drop to HSPA+(in most areas) or 2G for data as long as you are on the call. VoLTE keeps LTE active as it routes your calls through it. With VOLTE it allows RCS(Advanced Messaging) if the device is capable. This was recently released which only the S6 and newer Samsung phones have. They will make it available for all devices over the coming months/year until it becomes a standard and bugs are worked out.

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That my friend is a total crock.  I am sitting here holding a Note 5 in my hand using the message app that came with the phone.  Just grabbed a picture, added text under it and hit send, it went.......

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so you are saying since I can send a text with a picture I have VoLTE turned off?  Where is it enabled/disabled?

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OK, I found it, it is on and I can send text with pictures no issue

Thank you very much for helping me out!

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You are making a new conversion. It works that way just for the initial text. Once you get past that you won't be able to.

Try it with a old thread to someone. It will not work that way. However the only work around is VoLTE off or pick a picture, then put in your text... Then add people. However after that point you will NOT be able to do it again unless you repeat that exact order each time to send to a person and not use the original thread(it will put it in the original thread).

I have a note 5. It is up to date. I have volte on. I can attach text to mms with no issue. On an existing thread, on a new thread, doesn't matter. However, I know some people having this issue. If volte is the issue, why does my device work?

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I'd like to see a video of that honestly. I have yet to see anyone able to with VoLTE on so far. Especially everyone at our office. It may be because your area doesn't support RCS?

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The only way to turn RCS off is to turn off VoLTE.

It could be that we don't support rcs yet. I'll have to check with the

engineers out here. However, that wouldn't explain how my device works when

the person standing next to is unable to. How would I upload a video to

you? I could post screen shots, maybe.

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Just drag and drop a screenshot into the text box. For video you would have to upload it to something like YouTube. The reason why I wanted to see a video is to see how the app handles it on preexisting conditions.

Lol, don't have a computer. Do everything on my phone. Anyhow, I was

testing more with some people, and now I can only send unless I turn off

volte. Maybe my device wasn't connecting via volte when everyone else's


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All I know for majority of people you can only do both when not connected to RCS. Also even if you seem to do both they are sent separate and count as 2 texts.

I have VoLTE turned off all the time and it didn't work for me, argh.

I turned it on and off and restarted the phone and it worked! Thank you SO MUCH!

Thanks! It worked. Now, were you able to find out why you can't add a subject to your pic message?

You're right. I can't seem to find out how to add a subject. I turned on the group conversation, under multi media message settings.  That should've give me an option to add a subject. But it didnt.

I remember doing that on my Note 4. Can anyone else help out with this?