CANNOT figure out screenshot on my LG v40

  • 5 March 2021
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So I recently got an LG V40 (it’s running Android 10) to replace the V30 that I kind of slammed into the floor out of frustration and broke the screen to . . . .

ANYhow, I used to use the QuickMemo screenshot to capture info I needed to send out to people from my phone. But with this V40, I’ve just discovered that the only 2 ways I know of taking a screenshot don’t work at all, and I can’t figure out how to take a screenshot on this phone by ANY method. 

  1. I can’t get quick memo to nest in my button bar like I could on my V30, so that doesn’t work
    1. It seems to have the quickmemo app, but I can’t find any function in there to take a screenshot either. 
  2. The typical internet advice is to hold both the “volume down” and “power” buttons at the same time and it should take a screenshot. However, when I do this, nothing happens except after 3-5 seconds I get a menu asking if I want to reboot the device.
  3. I tried even asking the google assistant to take a screenshot. It seems to respond and try to do something, but then I just get an eternally spinning wheel of thought on my display and nothing else happens. 

Can someone PLEASE tell me what I’m missing??

3 replies

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1-i know on most of my LG devices over the years i had the option to add the screen shot button to the bottom bar down below (did this on my V60 because i got tired of the volume/power button combo method and wanted a one hand type of deal)


2-the volume down and power button method is semi dont keep pushing click both then release.


3-cant remember if the V40 had hand gestures you could turn on/off or not..but there should be a screen shot option in there as well via hand gestures.

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i know it was on 10 with the V60..i just got bumped up to 11 last week and still have it there on my end..but then again newer device. actually it was on 10 with my G8 as well now that im thinking about it. unless for some odd reason it wasnt included on the 40...which would have been a “decision/whoops forgot” from LG.


i tried the hand gestures as well and came to the conclusion i probably looked a lot like a intoxicated Jack Sparrow trying to explain something to my phone but only with my hands..


well you at least got me to try more stuff! I finally figured out the button method. Apparently you have to hold and release, BUT not too quickly, or it won’t do anything. it feels like a timing game from some Legend of Zelda puzzle   : p

I would LOVE to have the button on the bottom bar again, but I can’t find any option in Android 10 to get it down there. 

I didn’t think about hand gestures. I tried those out years ago on an old Samsung and decided they were stupid and never looked for them again :shrug_tone2: