• 29 September 2022
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Alright, so around 1 month ago I switched to my boyfriends plan on T-Mobile from Verizon. We ordered a Samsung S22 Ultra and once it arrived we set it up. They gave me a new number but we intended on transferring my number from Verizon. That ended up taking around 5 hours so in the mean time I used the new number until it was all switched over. During the time using the new number I was able to recieve MMS messages from anyone with Verizon as their current carrier. Once my number had fully transferred on my new phone I could no longer recieve MMS messages but only from Verizon. I could and still can recieve MMS from all other carriers except Verizon. Also Verizon users can recieve my MMS messages with ease. Sometimes when a Verizon user trys to send me an MMS it will send as a link that takes me to the internet to a log in page which I have zero login information for. Other times it doesn't show anything. I will attach a screenshot as well of the link. I have spoke to Tmobile regarding this issue and with a very long time on the phone and tons of troubleshooting nothing changed. They didn't know what to do. I also use Google messages and even if I switch to the Samsung messages I still cannot receive them. All my setting are how they need to be. So I have no idea how to fix this. The only issue is with Verizon users which is who I switched from so I don't know if something went wrong or didnt go completely through when my number transferred or what? Has anyone else dealt with this issue and it has been solved? I am honestly at a loss at this point.



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Have you checked the APNs?




Yes, Tmobile had me check when troubleshooting the issue.

I have the EXACT same issue and T-Mobile has been unable to resolve it ... 

I know a person who ported out from T-Mo to Optimum Mobile who cannot receive MMS from T-Mobile numbers ONLY. This person can receive from ALL other carriers except T-Mobile after porting out. After multiple contacts with T-Mobile, nothing has been resolved. Poor customer and technical escalation service. They need us to call and troubleshoot every time and apply same useless steps.