Change voicemail from spanish to english for coolpad catalyst please

  • 28 September 2016
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Can anyone please help me to change my voicemail from Spanish to English.


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We got you covered! This can actually be changed in the voicemail settings but that is gonna be pretty tough to do if you don't speak Spanish.

If you want to try and do it yourself, you can dial 123 from your device to access your voicemail box. After you messages have played (if you have any) press 4 and then press 7 for English.

If you are unable to get your mailbox changed with this route, you can call our tech support team and they can change it for you on the back end 😊

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Hey @wakatak808‌!  Just wanted to check in - were you able to contact us to resolve this, or did the troubleshooting steps work?  Let us know if you still need assistance!

- Marissa

On the j7, listen to voicemail, then 6, then *, the 4, then 7 and you are done.

Thank you, Chris. These instructions worked perfect.

Good thing I know how to count to 10 in Spanish. Thank you for the help.