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  • 11 October 2020
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I updated my Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G on Oct. 6, 2020 just after midnight.  I then went to bed and after I woke up, I was getting a message saying “ has stopped”.  I dismiss it and it comes back again, every 10 seconds or so.  At the top where the notification icons are, it says, “No SIM card - Emergency calls only”.  I haven’t installed any other apps after the update, so that’s not the cause.  I tried everything suggested in the link below except for factory resetting my phone.  I’m trying to avoid that as I have a lot of data that can not be backed up because my phone isn’t rooted.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT:  I also went to the TMO store and got a new SIM card.

8 replies

Having same issue on ultra s20 5g model. Have 2 of these phones . Only 1 is doing it. Making me very mad 2nd time doing factory reset still doing it.


Have feeling after looking at updates, its due to the merger. Says our phones are in development. Flagship phones last to get software fixes?


Makes me wish I had stayed on sprint. Maybe this would not of happened.


I think the problem is a bad update.  Security patch Sept. 1, 2020 to be specific.  There is more info here…

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@Theo19  i just added a trick with removing SIM card, seems to be working now.  They actually had 2 updates last month for Tmobile and both contained the Sept 1st patch but the second fixed some other issues the first broke.


Cool.  I didn’t get the second update.  How did you get it?

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So didn’t work, but 2nd update was the one that just came out, 1st one was beginning of Sept.

S20+ with same problem. I didn't do any updates recently and started tonight.

The Same thing is happening with my Samsung S20 + 5G!!! Also I found Facebook added on my phone and I didn’t install it!!! Please send an update fast! I use my phone to give rideshare for income!!

Same issue here. Mine started acting up Friday, then restarted and it got worse… now I have the has stopped among other issues. Phone is less than 5 months old. Went to T-Mobile store, got new SIM… nothing… now I cannot even connect it to my computer to save data so I can try a restart.