• 3 November 2015
  • 14 replies
  • 7070 views seems to be consuming more battery on my device than anything else. What can I do to fix this? This has been going on for a few weeks (I think). I have a regular Galaxy S6 that I haven't done anything special to.

14 replies

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That's a diagnostic process. You cannot do anything to stop it without rooting your phone.

Really? It's consuming a lot of battery power. Most days it's consuming more battery than anything else (including Android OS, Screen, and any other app that I use).

Is anyone else having this problem?

Not sure if this works or not, but try uninstalling the updates on the Tmobile My account app(that process seems to be related to that app). Then once the updates are uninstalled, open the app. The first page should be a request for diagnostics support and allowing it. I unchecked it and then went to the play store and updated the app back to normal.

Again not sure if this will solve your issue.

This morning, I tried uninstalling updates for Tmobile my account.

Today, after 6 hours of uptime, I'm down to 15% battery life. is tied with Android OS as the battery consumption culprit.

I'll try your suggestion.


Disable using Gates Jr Debloater tool. Root not needed. This is exactly what I did when I noticed that it was chewing up my S5 battery.

Are you sure root isn't needed? The web page says that either root or KitKat is required.

Root is required to delete the package. No root access means you can disable the package, but not delete it. Disabling the package causes it not to run and save on battery consumption.Check my post on the "What is Causing Cell Standby Battery Drain?" thread for other ideas on how to reduce battery consumption further.

So, I went through and deleted many installed apps (apps not related to T-mobile). Since then, the battery drain from has disappeared. Unfortunately, I don't know which app was the culprit.

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Hey there!

Just wanted to check in and see if you still needed help with the battery draining.

Nope, my battery is no longer draining because of this process.

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Excellent!! Really great to hear that!

I had the same problem. My Galaxy S7's OS even recommended to force-quit it!

not only does it run in the background it also attempts to connect to some interesting server I wonder what's the use for that anyhow?

It keeps attempting to connect to the following server

Port number 44 3

Not only that the server changes from time to time

So what that is being transmitted you guys want to just tell us or do we have to data-mine through packet capture analysis? Thanks

1. Notification settings

2. Find said application and tap it

3. At the bottom is 'FORCE STOP' tap it

4. Done