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  • 20 December 2017
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Why is the Data Shortcut missing on these phones? From earlier posts, I see that this was removed on earlier versions of the S series but is available on Verizon etc. So why is t-Mobile restricting this? You do realize that I rather have data off than use data when WiFi is present or just not needed.


how do I introduce this shortcut without rooting or using ADB?


t-mobile please enable the DATA shortcut!




Best answer by snn555 20 December 2017, 20:56

Those are just the first two screens in the Play Store after typing in data toggle.How to Restore the Mobile Data and Mobile Hotspot Quick Settings Toggles on Samsung Galaxy Devices

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14 replies

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Not sure what phone model you're talking about. Also data is always enabled for certain things even if you turn it off. As insane as that sounds that's how it is. You still need data for picture messages and other things such as that however that does not count towards data.

Also you can always add a widget toggle.

I'm referring to the Samsung S8+ (I assumed that my classification/tags would show - now I know better)

Frankly I don't care about the data that doesn't count, except that it doesn't drain the battery!

What widget are you referring to, the one that I found required root access on my phone, others contain ads ... not something I desire!

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Those are just the first two screens in the Play Store after typing in data toggle.How to Restore the Mobile Data and Mobile Hotspot Quick Settings Toggles on Samsung Galaxy Devices

I know you said you prefer not to use ADB but it is not that hard with this link I share and how I did it. Instead of using the whole code that adds hotspot, just use the it with just mobile data only and it works. You will see reading the post. Just download ADB and follow the instructions on the page, minus the hotspot in the code and you got your toggle back. Also, after adding the toggle, you will have to edit panel and move all the others back in the panel. You get all the same tiles, and now the mobile data back too. Your preference to do it or not but it is not hard if you have ADB installed on your computer.

How to Restore the Mobile Data and Mobile Hotspot Quick Settings Toggles on Samsung Galaxy Devices

I can't see how people can't understand us that we rather just use data when we need it and not leave it on or how hard they can't understand it. I mean, who the heck wants to charge their phone more often because of leaving it on the whole time? Using data more sparingly makes more sense, than leaving it on the whole time. Plus, like I said in my other thread. Data is not unlimited after 32gb, but speed is cut to really darn slow. That is not really considered unlimited at all.

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50GB threshhold.

Thanks snn555 & sslman! going the ADB route is my last option I guess, - I was hoping t-mobile might just listen 😠 (wishful thinking). Problem with the ADB solution will be that I'll have to reapply the solution after updates. And so life goes on ...

  • I'll give some more apps a shot, but I'm doubtful since many since S6/S7 have complained that the toggle no longer worked with these apps! My experience was similar with the ones I tried.

Thanks for your input though! Appreciate the help

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Thing is it's Samsung not TMobile that writes the software.

50gb is still not unlimited to limited to slow speeds after it, which it the point I am making anyways. Unlimited is no caps no limits at all. Just like warranties, and they go and say lifetime warranty, then say it not really. That is not lifetime or even saying limited lifetime is stupid. Just like this saying unlimited data, which it isn't. It is still a cap.

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I think what you mean to say is that the high-speed LTE speed data might be limited to 50gb when in a congested area. I think you also mean that data is unlimited even after a proposed 50gb high speed cap. Even after the cap is enforced if it is enforced you still get unlimited 3-g speeds. Of course that depends on the plan you are on.

A limit is a limit, not limit is unlimited. No matter how you put it, it is limited data.

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Speed vs quantity.

I have an unlimited quantity of data on my plan.

My speed is limited after 50GB, and only in congested areas, if even then. But.  The data is still unlimited even at 3G speeds.

I give up, it is like being in a court room in this discussion.

@snn555  I was able to obtain the shortcuts using the ADP solution - pretty straight forward once you follow the steps outlined in the link: Thanks! 😊

How to Restore the Mobile Data and Mobile Hotspot Quick Settings Toggles on Samsung Galaxy Devices

This is not correct as I had before flashed an unlocked g935u firmware on my s7 edge and it did have the toggle in the panel. Where that was the Nougat latest version of the unlocked firmware. Well, I got tired of waiting for Oreo on the unlocked firmware and yesterday reflashed back to T-Mobile branded default firmware via odin and low and behold, that toggle is gone but not even in data in settings now does not even have a toggle either, like T-Mobile is forcing data to be left on.

I have no service as my brother has cancelled the line. He is going to move me over to Verizon but can't afford phones right now. So I am going to use this phone on Tracfone temporarily until he gets me a phone. That means I will have no way to turn off data because Tracfone is limited on data. My data is going to be gone quick because of this. This just proves that T-Mobile does remove stuff when testing. Unlocked firmware is created straight from the OEM.

This is how bloatware from T-Mobile is added when they test the OS before sending OTA. They add their stuff and remove stuff then send to Samsung and it is sent out.

Might as well say goodbye to my data when starting on Tracfone.