Delay in sending picture text messages

I am having a huge delay in sending a picture via text message.  At times it takes twenty minutes at others it takes ten minutes, and that is if it sends at all.  Regular texts go through right away.  The pictures i send are ones i take, or screenshots so they aren't very big.  This very annoying, does anybody know what I can do to fix this? It's only in sending, I receive pictures from other people with no problem.

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Aw, that's totally no fun @d89rojas

Is this happening with specific numbers or any number you send to? Are you have to check the file size of the photos you're taking. You could also try changing your camera settings and see if changing the quality helps. Please keep us posted. Thanks!

Hey, @d89rojas!

Welcome to our Support Community! As Mike mentioned above, we need to figure out if this is only happening with one specific person or multiple people. Also, is this happening while you're connected to WiFi? If so, trying turning off WiFi to see if the MMS' go through. One last question for ya, is there a delay in picture messages sending when you're in a specific location or does it happen everywhere?

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Hi there, @d89rojas​! We just wanted to check in with you and see how things are going with your picture messages. If you're still having trouble, we'd love to know the answers to the questions asked above so that we can try to isolate the root cause of the problem! Thanks!

- Marissa

Thanks @tmo_amanda I turned off WIFI and now I can send pictures. That was the fix for me.

Having to turn WiFi off to.send a picture through text does not sound right to me. I have an iPhone through another carrier and I don't have to turn my wifi off on the phone to send pictures through text. That's a canned answer Tmobile wants you to buy in to and you did .

There has to be better explanation why sending a picture via text on a TMobile carrier on home WiFi doesn't work but does through other carries when on home WiFi .

I have the Motorola z3 it takes me 15 - 20 minutes per picture if I send text on average. Took 30 minutes the other day.  Wifi does not help.  Small file sizes do not help.  Been 15 minutes now for a simple text message that simply said "thank you: to be sent.  This is ridiculous.  Nothing against T mobile support but this is not an isolated incident.  I am seriously thinking of switching carriers as this is a never ending story every single day it seems although it does not happen all the time it happens every day more than once a day. My data usage is less than 4 GB so I should NOT be getting throttled.  At first I thought it was my phone but 2 other people I know have the same issue.  Now I get a message that the text could not be sent try again - this happens alot as well.  I really like Tmobile but this is not working out!!!

This is an issue that has been going on for many years. It happens with *everyone* I send picture messages to, no matter what app I use, no matter where I am, across multiple devices. Occasionally, OCCASIONALLY turning off WiFi helps but it is crap that I have to do that. Even then it takes minutes for the message to send. My threads are full of "sending pic" messages. I currently have a message that has been trying to send for over ten minutes. Most of the time I use other services because of this very issue however there are a couple people that I have to text. This is a T-Mobile issue that "turn off the WiFi" simply is not acceptable and cannot be assumed resolved.

Agreed.  Having to turn off wifi is ridiculous.  I had to do that a few times. I have a Note 10. My brother has the same phone but with another carrier and does not have these issues.

I have Google Pixel devices running Android 10. I can't send picture or GIF or Stickers as MMS on my devices. Also trying when turned off Wi-Fi but still facing issues. Only send text messages and Emojis.

This started to happens on my Note8 this month. I never had this problem before. There is any fix for that? Is that because some kind of "bad" update as many before? I had to give up my Google Phone (first one), then switch the Note4 (was a great phone) for the 8, and all because of some "updates". Is that happening again? Should I just give up T-Mobile after so many years, and change for some otber carrier (maybe Sprint now got better)?

It has happened on an XPERIA 1 of mine that I was using until I got the OP7TPro McLaren and it has continued to do so on this new device.   Last week I got the Wifi mini tower to help with my signal. I now have great signal and can send mostly all of my pictures /MMS instantly in comparison to before. When I get back on WiFi the same BS starts happening.  

I have been having exactly the same problem as I see above for about three months now. Have there been any solutions? File sizes are minimal, picture sends are slow (up to 30 minutes) to all people. I have a Google Pixel 2.

I have reduced my memory usage, deleted long text threads, tried on and off wi-fi, and of course restarted phone and shut down for long periods multiple times. Any other ideas? Thank you!

Hi @tmo_mike_c @tmo_amanda @tmo_marissa - this thread is marked resolved, but I don't see any solutions posted (and I'm facing the same problem). How do I "reactivate" it? Thank you!

Hi @tmo_marissa, I see this is marked as resolved but I don't see any solutions and I'm having the same problem. Can you send some ideas? Thank you!

I am having the same issue and would love to know how to resolve this. 

I have the same exact problem with my Android. Very frustrating. But yet, if I send the same pic through Facebook messenger, it goes through quickly, and videos too, with no distortion. T mobile sucks.

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I have the same issue every so often. The SMS/MMS will take it’s time sending when I use Textra but when I use the default app it goes right through.

I have the same exact problem with my Android. Very frustrating. But yet, if I send the same pic through Facebook messenger, it goes through quickly, and videos too, with no distortion. T mobile sucks.