Device unlock missing in s9+

I figured I would ask before I go through the trouble of resetting my phone. I was part of the beta for pie and have been using it for a little while. I wanted to check if my phone is unlocked or not and went looking for the device unlock app. It turns out it is not on my phone. Even under the apps list, it isn't there. Since this isn't available from the store, is this a problem with the pie update and this app being missing with Android pie?

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Apkmirror has the TMO unlock app.

Might have been removed when you flashed or installed beta, since it wouldn't have TMO apps in it. may state your device is not compatible with the app at this point .

Yeah. That was what I was thinking too. Didn't think about apk mirror though. I'll give that a try and flash fresh with Odin if that doesn't work. Probably tomorrow.

Maybe it disappeared because of the software but once you have unlocked the phone, Device Unlock App disappears on the phone too. So it's either.

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It helps to have the unlock app and it makes unlocking so much easier.

I know yep. I just meant that the phone could've been unlocked because once you use that to permanently unlock your phone, the Device Unlock App disappears from your apps permanently too.

Sorry for the delay, I have been trying to follow up and get a definitive answer.

From what I can tell, there should be a T-Mobile folder it exists in for the beta, but not an app, but it's not particularly clear beyond that (including instruction for *what* folder, just *a* folder?) and I have limited means to explore. That said, we are hitting up the team responsible for the Samsung to see if there's any KI or issues with preinstalled apps not being available, or if it's intentionally missing. Hopefully we'll know more soon.


Can you also do one thing and see if they were somehow hidden by the beta for some reason?

Hide or show apps: Samsung Galaxy S9+


Hey! Just wanted to check back in!


Hi yeah I couldn't find it with the hidden apps either. Going to actually restore it and check again after a reset. It is possible that I already unlocked it and forgot I did.

Sorry for the delay, I'm traveling wah.

Keep me updated! We haven't gotten a response back from the team we reached out, so I'm still following up with internal teams.


Hello Lauren,

Sorry about the delay from my side. Just tried doing both a normal master reset in it and flashing the software again on it using the computer and the program hasn't shown back it.

Or is highly possible that I already unlocked it and just forgot. I only have access to a Google fi sim card at the moment, so I can't test that. Might need to ask around at work. Is the maybe another way of checking if it is unlocked other than inserting another sim card.