• 27 February 2018
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How can I disable hold?

5 replies

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Hi there!

I'd just like to get some clarity on what you're trying to do exactly. Is the phone automatically putting a your first call on hold when a second call comes in and you're want to stop that? Please let us know. Thanks!

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Hey, @magenta4034518​!

I'm just swinging by to see if you've had a chance to look over Mike's reply. We have a few questions for you to better understand your question. 😊

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Good morning! We wanted to check in with you once more and see how things are going with your LG device. If you're still having trouble, we'd love to know a few more details so that we can help! 😊

I am getting a new phone, and not happy about it.

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Ah, yikes! I don't blame you -- I wouldn't be happy about swapping out phones before I was ready, either. 😥 Was it determined that the phone was defective? Were you able to get any details or info about what was going on?