Double Notifications for Gmails on Galaxy s7

When I get a notification that a gmail has arrived, and I click on it to read the email, the notification remains until I click on it a second time and read the email a second time.


I have seen others complaining about this, but I haven't ever seen a resolution.


I wonder if gmail is not very responsive on this phone -- and this maybe is why emails archived on my phone aren't archived on my browser-based desktop setup for the better part of an hour sometimes. Also why emails don't register as arrived until I pick up my phone -- again sometimes, not always.






Best answer by tmo_chris 2 August 2017, 16:11

Hey everyone! Just heard back from our Samsung content team on this. We are going to look into this as well but anyone having this issue should also reach out to Google directly as this is happening within the Gmail app.

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Hey there, and thanks for posting! The only time I had this double notification issue personally was when I loaded my Gmail info into the Email app, so I was actually getting notifications twice... just goes to show you that user error can happen to anyone! 😉

Remembering how frustrating that was for me, I can imagine that this is a pretty irritating glitch. I checked our known issues listings for the S7 and for Android and we don't have this issue cataloged currently, so I turned to the internet at large. I was able to find some suggestions about disabling recent updates to the Gmail app for a resolution, but I really liked the thorough troubleshooting approach here on the Gmail Help Forum: Google Help​. Have you tried any troubleshooting so far?

- Marissa

Happy Friday!

I just wanted to swing by to see if you have had a chance to read over Marissa's reply from earlier this week. Please take a look at the link she posted and give some of those troubleshooting steps a shot.

Hi. Thanks for checking in. I tried all those things in the Google forum and I still have duplicate notifications.

I suppose my next step might be to just use the Galaxy email app instead of the gmail app. Or just wait until I get a new phone since I'm not loving this one.

A couple things that seemed potentially related: Under phone settings, there's a Google tab. But also, under settings --> accounts there's a Google. Maybe there are two Googles?

On this phone I enabled a Samsung account and I don't see how to remove that but I don't think it helps anything so I'd rather not have it.

Anyway, please let me know if you think of soemthing else.


Would you be able to get us a screen shot of the first notification you see and a second screen shot of what it looks like after you have tapped on it the first time?

Just checking in here to see how things are going. Please let us know if you still need help with this.

Ok, so here you go.

1. I get a notification that I have a new email.


2. I open my phone and there's a single gmail alert.


3. I tap down to open the alert and see the email.


4. I open the email, but the alert is still there.


5. I tap down again and still see the same alert.


6. I open the email again, and finally the alert goes away.

This paints a very clear picture. To me, this feels more like an app issue than anything. If you have not already, I say we start with a "cache wipe" for the gmail app on your phone. You can follow these steps to clear the GMail app cache. 

Please try this and let me know if the issue persists.

That handled it. Thanks.

Wait. That handled it once. But by the second email it was back to double notifications.

Yikes! Can you try completely uninstalling the Gmail app from your phone and then reinstalling it?

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Hey just checking in to see if this is was resolved. Please keep us posted. Thanks!

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Just wanted to see if you had the chance to uninstall/resinstall. Please give us a holler back and let us know. Thanks!

Still receiving duplicate notifications.

I went into Google Play, found the Gmail app and hit uninstall.

The app appeared to remain on my phone, but my information was no longer associated with it.

Then I hit "Update" in Google Play and opened the app again, this time linking it to my email address, which it already seemed to know.

It re-linked to my account instantly.

I had tried this a few months ago, too.

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Hmm, that's super strange. When you hit uninstall did you also go to your settings and see if the phone still had it listed in the app list? If you check now, does it show more than one Gmail app installed?

Now there's only one Gmail listed in settings-->applications

When I uninstall it from Google Play, it still appears in the list at settings-->applications

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Okay. Geez this is strange. Can you try uninstalling directly from the settings-->applications screen? I just feel like this is so odd that it's still there after an uninstall. Let me now if it goes away or if you get any error messages.

How do I uninstall it from Applications?

I have an option to Disable (and when I hit that it says "disabling built-in apps may cause errors in other apps"), and Force Stop.

Hmmm. When you go into settings and select applications, do you only see one copy of the app?


Hey tmo_folks,

I do appreciate your efforts in helping the community.  However, you are treating this as an issue with the Gmail app and not with the Galaxy S7.  This is purely a Galaxy S7 issue, not a Gmail issue.  I think you need to concentrate your efforts in another direction.  The notifications work fine on all other android phones I've owned and function normally.  If you open the app (not from the notification), Gmail notifications are cleared.  If you open the app from the notification the notification is not cleared. This has been described in a previous post and sorry to repeat.  Try this on any other android phone and notifications are cleared no matter how you open the Gmail app.

Thanks for the input @williamknudsen 😊 Since we as the carrier are pretty limited to the troubleshooting we can do with apps such as Gmail and even less so when it comes to troubleshooting the way an OS works with a specific app, we are only able to rule out some of the more basic issues. Ultimately, if the issue is persisting after deleting and reinstalling the app or even completely resetting the phone, the issue would need to be reported to Samsung for further investigation.

I did a bit of digging on the internet and I do see that this issue is happening a lot with S7 devices and it is not carrier specific.

Is this something we as individuals need to address with Samsung or would T-Mobile want to take this and roll with it?

I don't see this listed as a known issue with the S7 in our internal documents as of yet but after we rule out some of the basic troubleshooting, we can definitely report this up to Samsung. I would recommend that the individuals also report this directly to Samsung just so we can have more eyes on it and hit it from both sides.

Cool.  I will be letting Samsung know about this.  Are you close to ruling out things with basic troubleshooting, so we can get some muscle behind this?  I'll bet you Samsung throws this back at either Google or T-Mobile, even though it appears to not be carrier specific.

We were still waiting on the original poster to see if the uninstall/reinstall of the Gmail app had any effect. Is this something that you have already tried with your phone?

I have not tried anything on my phone.  I just came to report that it's not an issue with Gmail since the same version is on all of my phones and none exhibit this behavior except for the S7.  If I understand the troubleshooting that is going on in this thread, It seems that you are wanting the original poster to uninstall Gmail, is that right?  I don't think that is possible, you can uninstall updates or disable it but you can't uninstall the app.