Dropped wifi

  • 14 October 2021
  • 1 reply


My cell phone keeps disconnecting from the brand new T-Mobile Home Internet wifi tower. It connects fine to other wifi networks but it won’t stay connected to the High-Speed Internet Gateway. I have powered all things on and off several times, forgotten the wifi network, reset the network. Talked to the support “experts” at the phone manufacturer and T-mobile. Nothing works… but it must be something simple because it works with the hotspot on my laptop and my neighbors wifi… 

1 reply


Have the same issue with dropped wifi connections, but strangely on only some of my devices. I suspect it's more likely the problem is with the router (wifi) portion of the gateway,  and not the wireless connection to the cell tower being interrupted, especially as no lost connection was displayed on the LCD of the gateway, and the ethernet connection to my desktop computer has never stopped.