e-mail not working

  • 7 June 2022
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I am not tech savvy, and the guy at the T-Mobile store said I had to work it out with AOL.  I have not been able to use my e-mail for over a year.  Can anyone help me with a simple way to correct this step by step?


2 replies

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same answer. you will need to contact AOL...are you running into issues using the AOL app or by typing in and going to it the older way?


I have finally managed to somehow take care of this myself.  I am convinced Google hijacked my phone, as anytime I tried to get e-mail it would take me to g-mail.  I typed in AOL mail in my search, and set up a new AOL acct instead of an email acct where I had to go to AOL.  At any rate, I have android e-mail after a year without!  Thanks for your help.