Firmware updates Android and Apple

  • 22 January 2021
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Question for you all. 

I know that T-Mobile gets updates for the phones and change what is in the updates and test them in by engineers in Washington State because I have talked the engineers before when I had a OnePlus 6T they get the updates for that phone and then review the updates and test then push out to the phones. 
What other phones does T-Mobile Engineers edit or change firmware on then re-push were you do not get the updates direct from the Phone Manufacture?

I am sure most all Android phone but the Google Pixel has software updates edits made by T-Mobile 

Do you know if they do anything with Apple IOS or is that pushed direct from apple and there is no delays from Apple to phones.  Because right now I have had 3 Android phone and they are never updated for months and months. 
Looking for some details on this because I might be looking at just going back to IPhone so I can make sure I am updated all the time. 

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