Full bars but phone says "emergency calls only"

  • 16 November 2017
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My phone has full bars but the 4g let logo isn't there. I go to call or send a text or use data nothing work and a pop up comes across my screen saying "emergency calls only". This has happened multiple times in multiple locations including in my kitchen. I have a Samsung Galaxy s5 that I brought over from At&t. It there something I have to change in my phone. Also when making phone calls when my phone does say 4g let it has a long delay before it starts to ring.

Please help me understand why


Best answer by snn555 16 November 2017, 05:14

Try these settings.

Generic T-Mobile data settings

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5 replies

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Try these settings.

Generic T-Mobile data settings

Depending on the phone, bars indicate the strength of a signal, not necessarily a signal you can use, except for calling 911. Go into the phone's network settings and do a manual network search. Does it show T-Mobile? Where are you located?

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